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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Buying Wii U now, or wait for NX?

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What Should I do

Buy Wii U now 203 42.65%
Wait for NX 125 26.26%
Buy Wii U at bargain price 86 18.07%
Buy Hooker 62 13.03%

If you like the available and upcoming WiiU games go for it, there is no guarantee NX will be backwards compatible and you would have to wait at least 1-2 years without playing these games otherwise.

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If you find a good bundle and you can't wait to play these games, I would buy a Wii U.

spemanig said:
For the nx. It'll definitely have BC.

Not going to happen. At least not at launch.

I'm waiting for NX personally. Chances are it'll have Wii U BC so I won't miss the Wii U exclusives I want to play. I really hope Nintendo hits it out of the park with NX.

AlfredoTurkey said:

..but I thought it was going to be digital only.

It will. Digital BC. The Wii U eshop will be the basis for the NX eshop, and all your digital purchases will transfer over.

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Wait to see if the NX is backwards compatible. If not. Then wait for the Wii U to get at a very cheap price.

Gamemaster87 said:

Not going to happen. At least not at launch.

Nah, it'll definitely happen at launch. That's half the point of the platform.

Probably wait, since we still don't know what the NX is. After that, then you can decide

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I would make the jump to the Wii U. There should be some deals this holiday season. I think that would be a good a time as any buy it.

We are probably looking at 13 to 18 months before the NX comes out. That is a long time to wait to play those games you listed. There is also no guarantee that we see backwards compatibility with the Wii U. I would lean toward no, but others will disagree. With the NX, you would also be paying launch prices. The other issue is the launch games. We have no idea how good they will be or how many there will be. For all consoles, this period tends to be a little rough.

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I gave up on the Wii U, waiting for the NX or some type of announcment.