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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Fallout 4 Xbone Bundle Announced - $399 (1TB, game, Fallout 3 BC download)

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Jazz2K said:
Madword said:

It's very cheap to do a sleeve that goes over the boxes that can change the look and feel of a console even if its the same machine inside.

It's been done since the Amiga days (and probably before), for good reason, a nice looking box gets the buyer excited about what they are going to buy. It may not even be about new buyers, it's about people on the fence, getting them excited about the console is not just about the games, it's about the whole presentation.

If you had two XBO's - both with the same contents, but one had a nicer looking box - which one would most people buy? Stupid I know but totally true. Presentation is everything. MS have lost it this gen for some unknown reason.

Yeah I know a thing or two about presentation, that's my job actualy and no it's not that cheap. I'm not trying to excuse them for their lack of efforts concerning the bundles look. I just feel it's ridiculous how people act like it's the end of MS because they didn't paint a box. It's not like both Sony and Nintendo paint every console box for every games that are bundling. Imo MS should've done a better design job for Fallout and the white console that comes with Gears but I don't think it hard to understand they are pushing Forza 6, Halo 5 and Tomb Raider more that's why each of them have a better design, especially Halo 5.

The bundles look and sound boring, thats why people are saying it's a poor job. No one in their right mind is saying it's the end of MS, but with the high price of the console and the poor marketing, it's a bad combination...add into the fact that they were practically throwing deals around (which they still might do closer to xmas), then I think it's easy to see why people are non plussed about their efforts.

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LudicrousSpeed said:
So many people worried about how the box looks. Do a lot of you live in Singapore (worst eyesight in the world)? Do your retailers keep everything in the back and you have no idea what you bought until you walk out of the store with it? You stand in front of the case where it's kept or walk down the aisle where its stacked and you can easily see what is inside each of these bundles.

I think most people will be concerned about whats inside rather than the box. These are three and four hundred dollar consoles, not 99 cent movie night at Blockbuster lol.

It's really not a huge deal, but it's just an odd decision on the part of MS. More attractive box designs are obviously more likely to attract more eyes. That's how it works with any product, not just consoles. MS, Sony and Nintendo have all created attractive box designs this gen, for good reason:


Again, nothing too insanely important, but I do think it's ultimately better than just having a small banner at the bottom.

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Angelv577 said:
it is just me or I don't see MS as desperate as last year regarding to offering more value for your money, I mean, last year, you could have gotten a xb1 with 2 games for 350. I think either they are thinking about profitability this time or they are waiting for any movement made by sony. Maybe they are waiting to temporary cut the price on BF or something.

Desperation is a strong word.

I would say aggressiveness.

But I don´t see any major difference other than less people predicting how terrible Xbox would be crushed by the best-of-the-best PS4.

Hiku said:
NightDragon83 said:
lol people complaining about the BOX ART of the bundles.

Newsflash... unless a console bundle is a specifically themed console (i.e. Forza 6 LE bundle or Darth Vader PS4 w/ Star Wars Battlefront) then it's just going to be the generic console + box art with the included games slapped on... both the PS3 and 360 did that all last generation for their "holiday" bundles, and nobody complained.

The presentation of most non-Xbox bundles this generation have been put together with a lot more thought and effort than the Xbox ones.

First of all, notice the blue design on the left that looks a bit like a tidal wave. It's blue, and has the symbolic Playstation buttons. Someone at Sony actually put some thought and effort into designing this, to represent the brand image. Something that looks nice and is eye catching. And he may have very well presented several different concepts, before this one was finally accepted.
And what did the designers at Microsoft do for these bundles?

They selected the Bucket tool in MS Paint, chose green, and then clicked to fill the entire screen with the same generic green color. No design, no nothing.
Done. Give me my paycheck.

Secondly, look at what the focus of the PS4 bundle is. It's the game it's bundled with (you'll see the same thing with most of Nintendo's bundles), as the artwork of the game is given most space, and the console itself is instead presented by a much smaller image in the corner. That's because artwork from the game is more eye catching and vibrant than an image of the console, and because people buying this particular bundle are likely chosing it for the game it's being bundled with. No one, not even the most casual of casual gamers, is going to fail to realize that a big heavy box like this costing $400 won't come with a console as well. So a smaller image is good enough. The focus of the bundle should be the game, as that's what's pushing this particular bundle.

And even the image of the console and the game's boxart are not snapped to the bottom left entierly. The images are cropped, and spaced out.
Look at the Xbox bundle again, and it's literally just a square image affixed to the bottom of the box. Again, no creativity or eye for design.

Nintendo's bundles have the same fundamental design idea as the PS4 bundles.

The main focus is given to the game. The images of the console and gamebox are smaller and positioned in a nice looking way. There's even a nice little red banner above the games to highlight that there are two games included. There's a variety of colors and shapes, and everything has been been put together nicely.

The Xbox bundles are just three square images pasted together, with no creativity or sense of design. A big image of the console is given the main focus at the center of the monotone green area, and the game is relegated to a smaller sized image at the bottom. And the image itself is just a square image. It looks increadibly lazy.
Even the Tomb Raider or Assassin's Creed bundles are a generic copy and paste job. But they still look miles better than these green ones.

Presentation matters. It may not stop you or me from buying the bundles we want, or make us get one we didn't plan on getting. But there are a lot of different types of gamers in this world. And parents buying their children a gift.

There's a reason why MacDonald's advertise their Big Mac's like like that instead of what they really look like when we get them.
People who are there and hungry will eat. But they are going to lose business to competitors if they don't make their advertised food look more presentable.

These Xbox bundles, with the exception of the Tomb Raider one, look atrocious. And I don't know which is harder to believe. That someone actually got paid to design them. Or that no one at Microsoft told them that this is not good enough.

Hmmm... well that certainly explains why the PS3 was playing catchup for most of last gen...


And also why the Wii U had such a poor launch...

Just look at those BOOOORING box art designs... no wonder they didn't fly off store shelves!

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You know I was always wondering why no one ever used the dollar sign for $ony, but then I realized they have no money so it would be pointless.