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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Fallout 4 Xbone Bundle Announced - $399 (1TB, game, Fallout 3 BC download)

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Areym said:
Eh, why would anybody go back to F3 when F4 is right infront of them? Maybe hardcore fans who were put off a bit by changes made. For new comers, F3 will be untouched

I'm going to play F3 before F4 ... I missed the game last gen. I'm really happy that I'm getting to play F3 for free. Why would you want to jump in the F4 without the background story and it's available with F3 BC.

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AEGRO said:
Angelus said:

In regards to the box art, it seems to me that MS is intentionally dressing these down so to speak to draw more attention to the Tomb Raider bundle, since that's the game they have the largest investment in. Pushing it front and center is clearly a priority for them.

What you are saying makes perfect sense.

What it doesnt make any sense is Microsoft releasing Tomb Raider the same day as the MONSTER called Fallout 4. THAT is bananas.

No argument there lol

How come only Tomb Raider get the full box art treatment... I prefer a black console then some stupid theme console that consumer may or may not like. **COD console of last year** But at least give the console the full box art treatment.

So I'm not seeing it specifying if it's a physical copy of F4.

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vivster said:
So I'm not seeing it specifying if it's a physical copy of F4.

It is.

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I don't think it's a particularly big deal if the console itself isn't themed, but I continue to be confused as to why the boxes themselves are so bare. The design of this could've been so much better. The only one out of this week that they actually did a nice design for was RoTR.

That being said, the value of the bundle itself is nice. Fallout 4 will be a big game this holiday.

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AEGRO said:
D-Joe said:

What the hell?

What i meant is that this is not just some annualized game that they are bundling, this is not Assassins Creed for Christ sakes!

This is FALL-OUT 4. The sequel of a 2008 game. This is a BIG deal in the gaming industry.

And they are releasing a vanilla Xbox One with a shitty box art.

This is borderline disrespecful to the Bethesda people, and the gamers.

I'm a fallout fan since the first game and with all due respect, now you are just being silly 😏 Sure some box art would have been cool but seriously, it's just a box.

lots of bundles this holiday

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So many people worried about how the box looks. Do a lot of you live in Singapore (worst eyesight in the world)? Do your retailers keep everything in the back and you have no idea what you bought until you walk out of the store with it? You stand in front of the case where it's kept or walk down the aisle where its stacked and you can easily see what is inside each of these bundles.

I think most people will be concerned about whats inside rather than the box. These are three and four hundred dollar consoles, not 99 cent movie night at Blockbuster lol.

It the X1 was Fallout themed itself. Microsoft would have made me have to buy an X1, to compete for playtime with my PS4. I'll still have to just own a PS4 this gen, for now.