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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Is Youkai Watch Going To Flop In USA?

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Will Youkai Watch Succeed In The U.S. of A?

Success! 46 38.98%
Failure :( 25 21.19%
Meh... 38 32.20%
Pokemon Z! 9 7.63%

thing is, pokemon wasn't just a great concept and amazing timing with a popular anime. For its time, the game was flippin amazing. IGN rated R/B/G a 10/10, the game was fantastic. That also helped as well. I don't think yokai watch has a fantastic game, with a new concept, for it to really take off. The anime might be popular though idk how kids work.

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I think it will be a success and sell at about 40% of the numbers it did in Japan.

For the sake of how much money Nintendo is willing to pull out for advertising this thing...I'll say it'll at least moderately do well.

I think it'll do fine, like MH4, but won't be a massive hit.

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It could, and it definitely will not sell as well as Japan

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I feel like this could go either way, although I think it will be a moderate success, but nothing like the success that it is in Japan.

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It's tough to gauge, but I'll say it will sell 220,000 copies or so holiday 2015.
Not a flop, but nowhere near Japan numbers...

It can when there's a cultural barrier and the anime likely won't help in the west either since it does not match a childs of trendy and cool ...

It won't flop but I don't see it coming anywhere near Pokemon as far as the west goes as the are numerous factors in regards to Pokemon which is why many other games using similar concept fell flat. One factor that will hamper Yokai is Pokemon itself, when the latter launched the was nothing like it at the time or anything that used a similar concept.

-It's not the '90;
-The anime won't show off before the release of the game (I don't event know if it'll show off at all) ;
-they said they'll have a huge advertisment but we still haven't seen anything about it;
-The game looks extremely weird from what we've seen, and to me it doesn't look like the kind of weird stuff that appeals to kids;
-Level 5 deserves to die for what they do with their brands;
-Pokémon fans can't handle a pause every time a Yookai Watch game comes out becouse they would compete...