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I think we all had to see the markings on the door once the second the news came that this game is Amazon exclusive in Japan...... I mean, what game ever is retailer exclusive in Japan.

Then came the only English in Europe(I thought I heard they might do one more language, not positive on this)

Then no speaking about it from NoA or at E3.

Things can still change, but its more than unlikely, Which is a shame since I actually wanted to try this game. But I would have probably waited until it got really cheap.


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God the game is just Japanese duke nukem forever. God I tried to tell myself Itagaki (spelling?) Wasn't the John Romero of japan but he totally is. He fucking is. Oh did I say Duke Nukem forever? I meant Dai Katana. It's Dai Katana all over again.

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Nem said:
Ok, after having looked this up, Devil's third is only going to come out on the 28th of august in europe. This story of review codes beeing shipped and an embargo date for the 16th of July make no sense at all. Why would review codes be out 2 months before release? And reviews be out a month and a half before release? This rumor has lies written all over it. Theres no way EU outlets have review codes yet and if that isnt true (the whole 2 generation behind graphics was already sounding dubious) then even the NoA "source"can be put in question.

I guess we'll know for sure in the 16th. Any bets?

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KingdomHeartsFan said:

So NoA had no problem with releasing Sonic Boom but have a problem with this

sega published that, not NoA

Um, obviously. The game. Looks. Like. Shit.

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Well, this is new.


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Well this thread should be a fun read, tagging for later. Btw the game never looked good anyway so don't worry too much about it.

Dusk said:
FloatingWaffles said:
Ok, so after reading more into this I didn't realize until now that the actual reason Nintendo doesn't want to publish it is because they thought it was an awful game? Lol, to be fair you can't blame them though, if something's going to be terrible they probably won't want their name on it or for it to be considered a "nintendo game" or something.

Kind of makes the whole point of them getting it as an exclusive pointless though lol.

Weird considering they funded it and likely helped develop it because of the funding. Kind of like Bayo 2. Seems like they screwed up if they see it as not being a good investment don't ya think?

Well, it's certainly an indicator of a mistake in investment.  But it could be they legit trusted a well respected veteran of the industry and said veteran screwed up.  It happens.  A name is worth a lot, but trusting it can also lead to problems.  It's not like old veterans have never screwed up a project before. 

that bums me out. I was really hoping it would combine melee and fps elements as good or better than red steel 2 did. And the bosses reminded me of an anime or metal gear solid. I had high hopes. I would like to say i trust noa's judgement, but they passed on publishing the last story, and i love that freaking game.

Darwinianevolution said:
Wait, what? ReallY?

Is it releasing in Europe and Japan? Why would the game not release in NA when its the region that loves shooters the most and has the more WiiUs?

Because NoA...

I've grown tired of trying to justify their decisions in my head. Even is the game is bad, it's a change of pace for Wii U owners. If we had another dozen M-rated shooters releasing this fall (like every other console), I could see passing on this game. They've already dropped the money to have it developed, though, and the Wii U is desperately lacking anything like it at all. 

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