Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo of America has dropped Plans For US Release of Devil's Third

Wow, if this is true then NOA is stupid. Nintendo paid to make this game so at least they can publish it as well.

But if it is a shit game like the rumours say then why let it release in such a state?

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Shadowfest3 said:
I was actually looking forward to this game since the newest Call of Duty game, once again, was skipping the Wii U. I do own a PS3 and so I can still hold out on upgrading to a PS4 or Xbox One for now.

Your list of PS3 games is absolutely fucking awful.

Unless the game is a mess (bugs, glitches, bad framerate) they should release it, even if it means taking a reputation hit and lowering Wii U's overall metascore (assuming the game really is that bad).


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The game doesn't look good so I'm not interested anyway.

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Honestly, I get the feeling that there is something related to the game, maybe some sort of plot point or theme that NoA is scared of.

Which is strange because I thought after the release of Bayonetta 2 and the upcoming release (although the rumors of it being eShop only seem more and more likely) of the newest Fatal Frame would show that NoA had climbed out of the family friendly title only hole they dug for themselves during the height of the Wii era.

Even if the game isn't up to Nintendo's normal quality standards as long as it isn't broken, it could have helped fill a much needed hole in the Wii U's schedule and/or catalog of games. Sure they might have gotten someone else to publish it but why even bother with all that hassle if they could just drop it themselves?

IamAwsome said:

White Knight Chronicles II released in NA under a different publisher and White Knight Chronicles Origins never released in NA. The original EyePet didn't release in NA. They waited until the PS Move version released a year later. The second Invizimals game on PSP also released in NA in 2014 for whatever reason. What took them so long?

Very interesting stuff, but a bit irrelevant to what we were discussing (Vita releases Sony had skipped) :P

NoA needs new upper management imo. Some of the descisions that they make are just mind-boggling.

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It would have been so much easier if Wii U doesn't have a region lock.

thepurplewalrus said:

NoA needs new upper management imo. Some of the descisions that they make are just mind-boggling.

You could let a D6 be the boss of NoA and you'd probably see improvements...

Seriously though, I'd really want someone at Nintendo to explain to me how NoA can be so much worse than the European division. It makes no sense how the bigger and more important market has to beg for games while the weaker one can just sit and wait for the games to come.