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Forums - Gaming Discussion - First Racer you Played(Kart Racers count too)

Gran Turismo on the PS1.

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Ka-pi96 said:
Gran Turismo on the PS1.

Surprise this wasnt one of the first answers.


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First RPG?

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First Racer?

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The original F-Zero on my cousin's SNES

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Um some famous sega genesis game, only genesis game I really ever enjoyed and played.


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I can't remember... It was either Top Gear or Super Mario Kart on SNES.

Hynad said:

You poor thing! I wouldn't blame you if you never ever played a racer after that.

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Nem said:
Outrun. PC i think.

Could very well be the same for me. :)

EDIT: wait, no. Actually I'm pretty sure it's Test Drive on PC ('87 game)

Diddy kong racing. Legendary title tbh

Crash Team Racing on ps1, I want another crash kart game so bad.