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Forums - Gaming Discussion - First Racer you Played(Kart Racers count too)

Either Lotus or some test drive game that I remember... back in 93 perhaps?

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Moto Racer on PC

Probably Mario Kart 64. If it wasn't that, it was probably an arcade racer at the pizza place.

Mario Kart 64
Still amazing game to play :)

Mario Kart 64!

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ganoncrotch said:
Feel odd that no one else has it here, but would think kids of the 80s would have had

Enduro, was such a great game, who needs driver AI when you have 3 lanes that they never move from? :D lost hours to this as a kid... possibly days.

I want to say I had a Tiger Handheld that was similar to this, but it definitely wasn't my first crack at racing.

Ayrton's Senna Super Monaco GP 2 on the Sega Master System.

Still love this game.

WildTangent Speedway on PC.

... How have you guys not played this obscure gem of mediocrity?

I think it was Pole Position on the Atari.

Next would be Rad Racer on the NES.

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No idea. F-Zero was probably one of the first, but I'm sure I played a couple more obscure, older ones before.