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Forums - Gaming Discussion - First Racer you Played(Kart Racers count too)

Well, I can't remember if I played any racing games in the arcade back in the day, but my first console racing game was this:

I don't think I played any racing games on the NES, so the next racing game I played after Pole Position would have to have been F-Zero.


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I think it was Pole Position on ZX Spectrum...not 100% sure it was exactly that game, but it was ZX.

Gran Turismo on the psx and mario kart on n64




Super Mario Kart on SNES
Then Diddy Kong Racing and Mario Kart on N64

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hmm.. good question, might have been Stunts on PC or Virtua Racing; Micro Machines on Mega Drive/Genesis - my buddy also had an SNES I played some Mario Kart on

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Pole Position, latest fav Drive Club

Ridge Racer, PS1.

Nigel Mansell's World Championship on GB. It was ok, but not great. Super Mario Kart came a few months later.

Well, I had a police car dashboard as a kid, but that's a electromechanical device with a projector (like 70s arcade games), not a real video game.

Super Mario Kart for the SNES.

Feel odd that no one else has it here, but would think kids of the 80s would have had

Enduro, was such a great game, who needs driver AI when you have 3 lanes that they never move from? :D lost hours to this as a kid... possibly days.

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