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Forums - General Discussion - BEST GRAPHIC GAME EVER-(your opinion)

fooflexible said:

I'll go by my reaction at the time I played it.

I'll say:

Mario 64, I think I spent 2 hours in the toy's r' us playing the demo, it was amazing.

Ocirina of Time also amazing.

When the Gamecube came out I was blown away by Rogue Squadron.

Dreamcast days Shenmue was amazing, I just wanted to live in that little town, the attention to detail was amazing.

And this gen believe is or not what has impressed me the most is Just Cause for the 360. Honestly I've walked around the beach just to enjoy the scenary in that game. And it has actually relaxed me. I call the game a mini vacation of couse thats when I"m not taking out the entire government. This video says it all:

Crysis though has been looking quite good, but I don't like to count a game that isn't even out yet.

I have never heard of just cause..I dont have a 360 yet, but dang looks good, what is it about action/adventure fyling??


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Okami, It boggles the mind the lack of Okami love in this board. That game almost single-handedly changed my opinion of cel-shaded graphics, with a little help from DQVIII. In fact so much so that I hope to go back and play Wind Waker someday after so ruefully scorning its "kiddie" graphics many moons ago.

MotorStorm, without a doubt

add me

Custer's Revenge - atari 2600 on a more serious note, for artistic style Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess wins but for overall graphics thus far Motorstorm.

@Slayer of God I never got Shadow of Colossus - had ICO though. Now that I think about it those huge creatures looked really amazing, and from what I heard from friends it was an awesome game, not bad for supposedly the least powerful console last gen.

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Shadow of the Colossus is gorgeous. I cannot wait to see what Team ICO has in store for this gen.

Lot of good games, So far we have Gears of war that stick out crysis star wars RE4 just cause(one i did not know about until i downloaded it...very good!)

@Tispower If you enjoyed ICO at all you will absolutely love Shadow of the Colossus. You get the same kind of feeling that your character is just so insignificant (Size-Wize) but on a much larger scale. The way everything moves - kind of realistic, yet surreal at the same time is just amazing. If you have a friend that you can borrow it from do so. Just play the first Colossus and if you don't get hooked its probably not your kind of game but i know that i was blown away.

Gears of war no question, I still occasionaly look at the graphics and think "wow"