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Forums - General Discussion - BEST GRAPHIC GAME EVER-(your opinion)

Bodhesatva said:
Definitely Shadow of the Colossus for me.

shawdow of colossus was nice

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Homeworld. The game looked fantastic for an RTS back in the day and the graphics never get dated, the game STILL looks good!

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if crysis is for the pc i just looked it up and wow those are good graphics

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CameronHall1 said:
Bodhesatva said:
Definitely Shadow of the Colossus for me.

shawdow of colossus was nice

I love that game.

damn there are too many really: ps2-- shadow of the colossus god of war metal gear solid 3 snake eater gc-- resident evil 4 xbox-- ninja gaiden panzer dragoon orta 360-- dead or alive 4 ps3-- motorstorm

Have to say Shenmue...yes I know there are games out now that surpass it by some distance....but at the time, which happens to be 7 years ago....Shenmue was top drawer.

It was a game that truely provided a unique was realistic, had day to night lighting effects and just felt right.

Considering it only came out a year after the release of the truely showed what could be done on the Dreamcast.  And beat anything out at the time hands down and for years later.

Considering the Dreamcast was the weakest of all four last gen systems (PS2, Xbox, Gamecube) really kicked some.

Also, it stands the test of time as well as still looks stunning to this day.

So there you go...Shenmue in my opinion set a new benchmark and considering what else was being done at the same was streets ahead. 

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Nintendo 64:

-Zelda Ocarina of time.

-Super mario 64.

-Lylat wars. 

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-Resident evil: 4.

-Star wars Rogue squadron: Rogue leader III (And part II).

-Second sight.

-Zelda: The windwaker.

-Metroid prime 2: Echoes.

-Timesplitters: Future perfect. 

-Zelda: Twilight princess.

Nintendo Wii:

-Zelda: Twilight princess.

-Super mario: Galaxy.

-Resident evil: Umbrella corp. Chronicles.

Nintendo DS:

-Metroid prime: Hunters.

-New super mario bros.


- Mario kart: DS.

Xbox 360:

-Gears of War.

-Halo 3.


-Too human.


-The chronicles of riddick: Escape from butcher bay.

-Halo 2.

-Ninja gaiden.

-Timesplitters: Future perfect.

-Panzer dragoon: Oorta. 

Playstation 2:


-Shadow of the colussus.

-Metal gear solid 3.

Playstation 3:

-Metal gear solid: 4.

-The elder scrolls 4: Oblivion + Shivering isles.

-Virtua fighter 5.

-Killzone 2.

-Final fantasy XIII. 



-Soul blade.

-Soul caliber.

-Sonic adventure 2.


-Tekken: Dark ressurection.

-God of war: Chains of Olympus.

-Metal gear solid: Portable ops.




oh forgot wind waker. That game still looks great even when put side by side with the top 360 games.

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