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Forums - General Discussion - BEST GRAPHIC GAME EVER-(your opinion)

Far Cry, (PC, never played the console versions) the island was just to cool to be true.




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Super Mario Bros

I'll go by my reaction at the time I played it.

I'll say:

Mario 64, I think I spent 2 hours in the toy's r' us playing the demo, it was amazing.

Ocirina of Time also amazing.

When the Gamecube came out I was blown away by Rogue Squadron.

Dreamcast days Shenmue was amazing, I just wanted to live in that little town, the attention to detail was amazing.

And this gen believe is or not what has impressed me the most is Just Cause for the 360. Honestly I've walked around the beach just to enjoy the scenary in that game. And it has actually relaxed me. I call the game a mini vacation of couse thats when I"m not taking out the entire government. This video says it all:

Crysis though has been looking quite good, but I don't like to count a game that isn't even out yet.

Killer Instinct, the coin-op version.

I'd say the last two Gran Turismo games-GT4 and GT HD. I'd also say GTA IV also looks like an amazing game.

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Discounting Pre 32-bit is unfair. I'd definitely say Yoshi's Story or Donkey Kong country could be contenders

Did I say Yoshi's Story? I meant Yoshi's Island

GoW and call of duty 3 for the xbox 360.

My vote is for Shadow of the Colossus. I've played Gears of War and Resistance and they just don't wow me when I play them anymore. They did for a couple days right after playing them but everytime i play SotC the visuals just blow me away.

Trusty Bell / Eternal Sonata for 360 Before that Gears of War Before that Resident Evil 4 GCN Before that Grandia II on Dreamcast This is subjective towards what I like in graphics and style... Grandia II and Eternal Sonata are so similar in style that I think nothing will surpass it for me this gen.