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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Oculus Rift is the next HD DVD

didn't know Microsoft bought Facebook

nice to hear

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NightDragon83 said:
How so? HD DVD failed simply because more movie studios and media companies backed Sony and their Blu Ray format than Toshiba's HD DVD. Microsoft had nothing to do with the development of HD DVD, and they only supported the add-on for the 360 to try to take a bite out of Blu Ray's marketshare.

Joke thread is a joke.

While it was mainly Toshiba that started the HD-DVD / Blu-ray format war, MS had a big part in it too.

The Format War Origins.
Since Sony had no rival video codec software to push, and Microsoft had no real hardware interests to defend, why were they battling for the next generation of video discs rather than working together on a joint standard? Initially, Microsoft did work with Sony. However, the rest of the industry working with Sony on Blu-Ray rejected portions of Microsoft’s technology, sending the company into a furious rivalry against Blu-Ray.

A follow up article on the origins of the format war presented Microsoft’s efforts to push its Windows Media and WinCE as essential, proprietary aspects of both the new HD disc formats. While Microsoft successfully wrote Windows Media (aka VC-1) into the specification of both Toshiba’s AOD and Sony’s Blu-Ray, the Blu-Ray consortium members later selected Java-based technology from Sun as its interactive menu layer rather than Microsoft’s WinCE/HDi.

Microsoft wanted iHD to be the menu system used on all HD discs, the BDA said no thanks.

Although it sounds like a joke thread there are some parallels.
MS half backed HD-DVD by releasing an add-on, like they're now half backing OR with a convoluted streaming setup. Yet other than pushing xbox one controllers I don't see what MS has to gain from this. If anything they're opening the door wide open for Project Morpheus "Check out our VR solution, you don't need a PC and you're actually in the game instead of in a virtual room playing on a flat virtual screen"

DirtyP2002 said:
I think out of the three major vr products, oculus rift has the best chances to succeed. First it is backed by Microsoft in combination with Facebook. This is basically unmatched. And it will get easy support from Windows 10.

Valve is new to the hardware business (HTC is not), they will have a hard time to sell those steam machines and I just don't get why they are skipping such a crucial E3 for them. Sure Steam is big, but I bet PC games will support Oculus as well.

Morpheus... Well that is Sony doing their own thing, without a major partner and no relation to PC gaming. Somehow this sounds more like HD-DVD than the other products.

I agree though HoloLens will be a new level.

That's weird, I think Oculus may find themselves having the most trouble.

Valve as of right now pretty much owns the PC gaming space and have a good reputation amongst PC gamers. On top of that, their headset is likely going to be the first to market and will pack the best hardware. It will be more expensive, but for the people that are willing to throw down the kind of money for a PC that will even run a VR headset, and the early adopters that are going to be so important to VRs sucess, that better hardware and early launch are going to be important.

Sony is the only one without a major partner because they're the only one who doesn't need one. Sony does hardware and software all by themselves.  The Morpheus will most likely be the cheapest of the three headsets and will require the smallest investment to be able to use, which means that it will be the most mass market friendly. Being on console also means that it will have no direct competitor.

The Rift though, could end up in a tight spot. It's going to launch after the Vive and won't be as good of hardware. It will be cheaper but likely still far from cheap with the CEO quoted as saying that the headset and PC to run it together should cost around $1500. They also don't have the established fanbase or storefront from which to market their headset or it's games.

Edit: I forgot to mention that Oculus is owned by Facebook now. Which has not been a very popular change amongst the very people they need to buy it when it launches next year.

Bet with Adamblaziken:

I bet that on launch the Nintendo Switch will have no built in in-game voice chat. He bets that it will. The winner gets six months of avatar control over the other user.

to be fair this isnt even a true VR device. All the other two have to do is make an actual one and voila

I agree, VR as a whole is going to flop. Hololens on the other hand has potential

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Oculus Rift to my knowledge was supposed to be something like a VR headset. If you were relating to failed format that was HD DVD, we can't be for sure yet. I had a blast in my locally held IGN Con early this year with that.

This is a joke thread, right? Right?!

cheshirescat said:
oniyide said:
what did happen to HD DVDs?

Thrown into the same dump as the laser discs.

Hey i still have one! :-p It also works on PC so i use it as an external USB DVD player sometimes.

shikamaru317 said:
This is a joke thread, right? Right?!

sadly not.  But it is atypical.



I'm not really here!

The funny thing is i dont think the announcement really a megaton, for both company, ( bundling a controller inside Oculus? really ). Even if they really make OC compatible with Xbox One, OC dont have that kind of market.