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Forums - Sony Discussion - Street Fighter V never shipping for Xbox One

This is the kind of news I just shrug my shoulders at upon hearing about it. I have really no interest in fighting games or what console this game is exclusive to.

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LudicrousSpeed said:
Mystro-Sama said:

MS started this whole idiotic third party exclusive crap... Who is this benefiting though

Uh, you know Tomb Raider? That franchise MS has a deal with? Sony had the same type of deal three gens before that. So, yeah.....

Anyway, after SSF IV on PS4, idgaf about a new Street Fighter LOL. Not to mention, its Capcom and Street Fighter. Ultra Super Duper Street Fighter Xbone Edition will happen sooner than later.

This sounds mighty deflective. Sony is co-developing this game, MS is not with TR. Plus, the conditions of exclusivity were different. TR went Playstation exclusive for the same reason Final Fantasy jumped ship to PS: Playstation was the market leader by a large margin and technical limitations stymied development for the Saturn (just like cartridges made it impossible to put FF7 on N64). Apples to oranges analogy you're making here.

And you're gonna write off SFV because of a bad port by a random 3rd party (Other Ocean Interactive???)? Is USFIV now a bad game, in general, because of this bad port? That'd be like saying "Anyway, after Bayonetta on PS3, idgaf about Bayonetta LOL" when some random internal developer at Sega made the PS3 version, instead of Platinum.

And did you not read the article at all? The Capcom rep directly responds to "comments saying that there may be a Super Street Fighter 5 on Xbox" with "But the reality is that this is a real partnership. We are console exclusive for this franchise for this numbered run"

ThatDanishGamer said:

Why were people even talking about an Xb1 version?
They said at the announcement that Sony and Capcom are working together to make Street Fighter 5 and Adam Boyes said PlayStation 4 will be the only console that this game EVER appears on.

They read the title, didn't read the article

oniyide said:
DonFerrari said:

When you have a lot of bigger fighting games, SF is nothing... you should play the best fighter ever, you know which it is.

lol pretty sure SF is the biggest, except maybe Tekken

I was being sarcastic with all the downplay you know.

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just wait for super Ultra street fighter 5.5

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PS4 needs a fighter of this calibur as an exclusive. XB1 has Killer Instinct. Nintendo has Smash Brothers.

heina said:
just wait for super Ultra street fighter 5.5

That's all? What about Ultimate Ultra Street Fighter 5.9: Rebirth Grand Master Challenge of the New Millennium: The New Fighters Turbo Arcade Edition Volume 2?

Yeah.... no, I will come but it makes for good PR towards the PS fans at the moment :).

Mystro-Sama said:

MS started this whole idiotic third party exclusive crap... Who is this benefiting though

To be fair, that third party exclusive practice dates back to the NES.

Heck, Atari/Intellivision/Colecovision were trying to get exclusive arcade ports over 30 years ago.

heina said:
just wait for super Ultra street fighter 5.5

Which won't come to Xbox. That's what this article clarified.