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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Hardest game you've ever played?

i had some all night gaming sessions with Ninja gaiden 1-3. I think i spent about 7 hours straight playing the last level of Ninja Gaiden 1 before i beat it. I think i beat 2 a little bit easier. 3 i gave up after several tries because i had to keep starting over because of limited continues.
I beat ninja turtles on NES as a kid, though it's damn hard.
Ghouls and ghosts i beat after playing it for like 5 days straight.
Battletoads i spent a couple nights playing the entire night, and i couldn't beat it.
Castlevania 1 i beat after many many days of constant trying, i admit i beat it much later on the wii so i didn't have to leave my NES on forever. It's hard to say, but between the medusa heads and knights, doom, and final boss i spent a couple dozen hours i think.
Castlevania 2 is not hard, I dont' really understand this. Yes it's cryptic, but the gameplay is not that hard. The bosses are a joke, they are easy as hell.
Castlevania 3 is really hard, i admit i never beat it. I didn't try as many times as the first one.
Castlevania 1 may be the hardest, the thing is I think i played that same part over many hundreds of times.

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noname2200 said:
d21lewis said:

Oh yeah. Bayou Billy.  I got that came because it tried to do so much.  It had crazy variety but damn, it was hard. Especially the driving parts.  Would break my thumbs! I did beat it, though.  Probably the time in my life. Once, without the whip.

Damned impressive. The closest I can get to this is beating Ghouls n' Ghosts, which doesn't measure up.

You think Bayou Billy was impossible (not as hard if you did the training missions and got the one up, life refill, and something else--can't remember).  I thought Ghouls N Ghosts was waaaaaaaay harder!  I never beat that one.

You have my respect, too!

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From my past experiences, I would say Adventure Island for NES was pretty frustrating.

I used to hate games where you die with a single hit.

easily Ninja Gaiden on the NES

Megaman X (Series in General, specifically 1-3)

These were games that weren't hard due to hardware limitations, they were hard because you sucked and the only way to not suck would be to get better. That's the real type of hard that I like. Games that are "hard" because of unsavory enemy spawns and poor controls...I think they're just victims of poor programming or lack there of.

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i cant really think of too many other than NGB

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Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn.

Except I have beat it so many times it is easy for me now.

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So funny reading the comments and seeing how many original NES games there are on here. I agree with the general consensus that they're the toughest games in video game history. No other generation comes close for me.

Ninja Gaiden 1-3
Castlevania 1 and 3
Mega Man (all of them)
Startropics (the last level took me forever when I was a kid and even now)
Zelda 2 (brutal but worth it)
TMNT (still haven't beaten it)
SMB 2 (using no warps, still brutal to this day)
SMB 2: Lost Levels (nightmare fuel)
Ghosts N' Goblins (nightmare diesel fuel)
Contra (w/o the cheat code)
Gradius (w/o the cheat code)

Gah, how many are there?? I love every one of these games, but they're all assholes.

As for newer(ish) games, Dementium: The Ward is brutally difficult. That's the one game I came up with that wasn't from NES days.

It'll be awhile before I figure out how to do one of these. :P 

It has to be Bloodborne for me. It was brutal; I never stopped dying.

Dark Souls for me. Super Meat Boy is the runner-up.

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