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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Hardest game you've ever played?

i've recently beaten super ghouls and ghosts definitely one of the hardest but its not unfair hard.

and right now im playing Hagane (snes) really hard and also not unfair its all on you.

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Tough call since I finished some pretty tough games. Would be easier to tell wich game was the hardest to 100%.

I will say it was donald duck as cold shadow (AKA maui malard or something) on PC. keyboard controls made it particularly hard. Also, wonder boy 3 for master system.

Maybe it wasnt really the hardest game that i have played, but FF X was the most punishing game for me.I had to create strategies for a lot of bosses because they would simply pwn me otherwise.I still have nightmares with the final boss.

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.

Probably Touhou 11 on Lunatic but it keeps getting easier as I analyze the bullet patterns and improve my reflexes. The hardest part though is to stay calm and not get intimidated by the shit storms raining down on you. Especially in a 1cc run.


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Hard to say... don't recall playing game overly hard but when I was little, I struggled to get past the first Goomba in the original Super Mario Bros

Atm, Ace Attorney is challenging because I always select the wrong answer :p

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I beat all of the NES Castlevanias, Ninja Gaidens, and a few others that were super hard. At the time, that's what we did. These days, I suck so much.... Just thinking about replaying a game like TMNT stresses me out!

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Ninja Giaden Black on the original Xbox. Also Dark Souls/Demon Souls.

I think it was COD 4 on Veteran difficulty. It was really really hard.


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Bucky o hare on the nes, made me want to pull out my hair.