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Forums - Website Topics - Is VGChartz biased?

Personally, I just want a good discussion. Good discussion can have dissenting views. Hus brought nothing to any conversation. Neither did Washimul. I thought Kwaad could actually be a good person to talk to most of the time, but the other times, it was obvious he was just trying to start a fight. I am mostly pro-Nintendo. I've had an NES, SNES, N64, GC and now a Wii. But I've also had a Genesis, Saturn, Dreamcast and a PS2 (now dead). I love Mario and Zelda, but I also love Sonic, Gran Tourismo and Jak & Daxter. God of War is not really my type of game, but I can definitely appreciate what makes it the great game that it is. The art direction is absolutely FANTASTIC, and the story is amazing. As a Nintendo fan, I'm not too blind to admit that. However, I don't appreciate being called 'kiddy' just because I like Mario. I prefer to not buy M-rated games because I want to be able to play games with/around my kids. That doesn't mean I'm not 'teh Mature'. I respect other people's opinions and expect the same courtesy in return. That's why I am here and feel that certain individuals needed to be kept in check or banned. So basically, yes this forum does have more Nintendo fans than MS/Sony, but as long as we can respect each other it doesn't have to be biased.

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Dolla Dolla said:
The only "problem" is when people state their opinions as if they are the defacto standard and anytime someone thinks differently than them, they digress to name calling. That type of attitude is what gets people banned. Fact: Nintendo is riding a media hype wave as well as posting extraordinary numbers every month for the DS/Wii. If you don't like nintendo, you probably don't like much of the media circling around right now. Fact: The PS3 is not selling as well as Sony wanted it to, and the PR department of Sony has been subpar with controversial ads and commercials. Fact: The 360 is the Worldwide leader, but is slowly losing the lead monthly as the Wii comes up from behind. The 360 has insane software attachment rates, even in Japan, and software sells way better on it than any of the other next-gen consoles (which is probably one reason you don't see 360 users on here, they are too busy gaming). Last gen it was a whole different story. The pendulum has swung in the other direction. If the PS3 was leading, the question would be "Is VgCharts biased toward Sony?"

Very good point! the PS3 and Wii game drought is giiving the fanboys too much time to post on forums.

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I do not think that overall the site is biased.  However, I do feel that the forums are biased towards Nintendo due to the fact that there are a huge amount of forums topics saying 'PSP/3 is D00M3D', 'Microsoft will exit the market', etc; whereas there are none/few about the Wii, ie 'the Wii is just hype' etc. I'm not saying that those things may or may not happen, but at less than a year really into the 3rd gen, it is too early to go around saying one console or another is definately going to win.

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I dont think they are biased for the most part, but then again I dont see the actual data used to make their calculations nor do I really want to since this is just about games anyway. I think that if the site becomes too biased one way or another it will lose too many readers and then we wouldnt be having the flame wars which sadly attract even more people. Moth to a flame concept very much like how newpapers and political forums work. You need to rock the boat a bit every now and then to generate excitement but you have to be careful not to sink it by losing everyone.

As far as the posters go, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I think that any company that lies and cheats shouldnt be supported. MS keeps lying or dodging questions about their sales numbers. Everyone knows they are over-inflated because they count replacements to defective consoles as sales. They have also lied (at least I am pretty sure its a lie) about the percentage of defective consoles they have. Every single 360 my friends have purchased have been replaced at least once... that is 7 for 7 and they were all replaced and 1 has been replaced twice. Thats a 100% rate! I wouldnt believe it if i didnt see it.

Sony on the other hand has been over hyping their console with nothing but air. I dont know if anyone remembers the term "vaporware" but that is essentially what Sony has done. They promised all these incredible abilities like "4-Dimentional" gaming... (sigh)... and have delivered exactly nothing that even remotely qualifies as revolutionary compared to 360 games and they can barely touch current PC game quality using even mid-line video cards.

Nintendo isnt exactly innocent either but they seem to have been humbled fairly well since being pitted against MS and Sony so for now I root for them because I think they have the right idea about what gaming should be (gameplay > graphics) and because they havent jumped on the lies and disinformation bandwagon (as far as I know at least).

I think angry people who bring that emotion to the forum should be banned. For whatever reason, there have been a lot of Sony fanboys that are quite angry.

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btw ioi when I now see you being on the page, when can we expect the new american sales numbers?

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IMO, bias doesn't really matter as long as people can discuss in a civil matter. But using language like 'kiddie' is flamebait and shouldn't be tolerated.

I think dividing the forums into console areas would only make things worse. Nintendo fanboys would go the PS3 forum to bash and vice-versa.  

Separte forums and the closing of "Sony is doomed, PS3 flopped!, etc. etc." That might help get better conversations going.

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ioi said:
Well we can't change how people post or what they think or anything else. The idea was to see if people think we have a problem, and if so we can maybe try having seperate Wii / PS3 / 360 / DS / PSP forums...
No I think this forum is unique and all fans should stay together because we lead into some very interesting conversations and I often enjoy well thought out yet opposing point of views.  Whether the people in the forum have their preferance.... and it seems like there are alot more nintendo fans than not here, this is just the fall of the dice. The site sounds more pro nintendo because there are more nintendo fans in the forum but it doesn't make the site biased. The numbers are trustworthy and the general atmosphere is good. We're fine here.


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Nah I don't think it's biased, but I'd still like more forum categories. That way we (Nintendo Fanboys) can really sift out who's who in the Anti-Nintendo world, and BAM we got them cornered! (jks)