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    SDF Reviews Bioshock...

    in Microsoft Discussion on 22 August 2008

    Sqrl said: Glad he posted it, I probably would of missed it. Definitely good for a few chuckles.It really makes sony fanboys look a lot worse than they are...I mean we have some pretty rabid ones on this site but even our worst are not that bad and most are pretty tame.   Thats because the worst PS3 fanboy events that you see are actually the work of 360 or wii...

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    Square Enix Games Vs. Atlus Games

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 August 2007

    Geeze.... this is tough. I am going to have to go with SE. As a publisher they have brought some amazing titles to light. Atlus is awesome but the majority of titles are misses for me. EDIT: ClaudeLv250, SE does publish quite a bit. I gave the vote to them but not with a smile on my face. SE doesn't back the games they publish either. Xenogears, radiata stories and many others could have been...

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    Unreal Tournament III running at 60FPS

    in Sony Discussion on 22 August 2007

    your mother said: Yeah, can't blame console gamers either trying to defend their console purchase by getting seconds from the PC gaming industry, or how consoles are forever playing catch-up with PCs, or how they continually neglect the fact that a console's hardware does not evolve, while PC gaming hardware is always improving in every single aspect, from screen resolutions to processing...

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    Unreal Tournament III running at 60FPS

    in Sony Discussion on 22 August 2007

    I normally play shooters on the PC. The PS3 version includes keyboard and mouse support. PC elitist are going to be in for a rude awakening when they realize that some of their PS3 opponents will play just as good as PC players because they may be PC users as well. EDIT: Now that I think about it... all of my friends that own consoles are PC shooter fans and they aren't push overs....

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    (Probably) First Heavenly Sword review - This is next gen!

    in Sony Discussion on 19 August 2007

    Some of the greatest games I have ever played were under 10 hours. I am they type of gamer that doesn't care about extra's nor multiplayer.Gears of war, metal gear solid and metal gear solid 2 and shadows of the colossus are the few games off of the top of my head in which I finished very quickley but enjoyed them so much I honestly couldn't complain. All of them had great replay value because...

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    PS3 BIOSHOCK RUMOR DEBUNKED!?!??!? bbsin reports.

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 August 2007

    What fueled the rumor the second time around wasn't the stamp but an interview that spong had with ken levine. When asked about the PS3 version he replied: "If I talk about anything outside of the Xbox 360 version, my corporate overlords will spank me. We love the 360, we love working on it and we’re not talking about any other versions right now."Personally I am getting bioshock...

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    The silliness of "hardcore"?

    in Gaming Discussion on 18 August 2007

    steven787 said: I am not saying they are not hardcore, I am saying that hardcore games are silly because of the themes and that they are taken too seriously among hardcore gamers.Maybe it is my frustration with the whole industry right now, on one hand you have Nintendo who is making a major push to sell games mostly on gameplay. Why'll MS is pushing an online agenda, and Sony is pushing Bluray....

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    SDF Reviews Bioshock...

    in Microsoft Discussion on 18 August 2007

    Why am I not surprised at how many people here are offended by their opinion? I do agree with them on the character animation. The animation is pretty weak except for the big daddy and the little girls but the water and fire are some of the best I have ever seen. The design in this game is some of the best I have ever seen (I love the idea of an underwater city). If I were to give my opinion it...

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    Forbes: How Sony Should Respond to a Disruptive Attack (PS3 vs. Wii)

    in Sales Discussion on 10 August 2007

    Lost tears of Kain said: Killzone3 said:OriGin said:Killzone3 said:OriGin said:It's funny how PS3 fans STILL can't seem to grasp the situation and what is going on in the games industry.Whats going on, other then lowest priced product selling best my god thats so revolutionary. You seriously don't know whats going on? Look at the DS situation almost 3 years on and tell me the Wii...

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    Forbes: How Sony Should Respond to a Disruptive Attack (PS3 vs. Wii)

    in Sales Discussion on 09 August 2007

    I must say that if you have a screen that is smaller than 40 inches than do not worry about 1080p. The big thing with 1080p is the amount of detail that is displayed during vistas or expansive scenes in any movie. From the sea attles in pirates of the carribean, the crusades in kingdom of heaven, the dunes in sahara, to the battles in last samurai, every added bit of definition to these scenes...

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    Crow? Nah... I want head of John Lucas :-)

    in General Discussion on 09 August 2007

    Psh! I have been away for a while as well. But I also must commend John's predictions. Because he was so forceful I tended to write of what he said as lunacy :P but I guess this world is a crazy place after all. But lucas..... I still think your prediction about MGS4 is still insane and I will eat crow if it does come to pass....

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    There are too many war games.

    in Microsoft Discussion on 21 June 2007

    I wouldn't be so quick to call lazy dev. It is its own genre. I know alot of people who cannot get enough of war games. If they didn't sell well then they wouldn't make them. The people have spoken....

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    VGChartz Members Failure rates.

    in Microsoft Discussion on 21 June 2007

    ckmlb said: First off, not too many 360 owners here.Second, I have a 360 and it hasn't failed on me yet. It did get a red ring of death temporarily once and I freaked out and unplugged it. Plugged back in and all was well.Based on that, I am almost positive this console is not gonna last too long without a failure soon and I will be so fuckin pissed when it red rings for good.Owned it since...

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    Developers praise PS3s superior power.

    in Sony Discussion on 04 June 2007

    johnsobas said: they can say whatever they want, but why would you say something bad about a system you have tens of millions of dollars invested in? If someone is being paid to tell you something is good, doesn't that affect how much you will believe them? I would take these comments with a grain of salt. So...... I guess when any dev says something positive about the Wii or the 360...

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    Post here if you have over 300 posts!

    in General Discussion on 24 May 2007

    I think I have over 300 ...

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    WarHawk is freaking GREAT!!

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 May 2007

    I want to try that game out. I would only fly though in the warhawk universe....

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    Is VGChartz biased?

    in Website Topics on 15 May 2007

    ioi said: Well we can't change how people post or what they think or anything else. The idea was to see if people think we have a problem, and if so we can maybe try having seperate Wii / PS3 / 360 / DS / PSP forums... 

    No I think this forum is unique and all fans should stay together because we lead into some very interesting conversations and I often enjoy well thought...

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    Trusty Bell demo out for XBL

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 May 2007

    I was able to try out eternal sonata. Intresting note if anyone hasn't tried it... it's developed by tri-ace as well (awesome). The demo hat odd hiccups and I am only assuming this is so because they made this game so it could be run on core 360 (grrr core). I find this game to be beautiful and the story looks interesting. The gameplay actually leaves a little to be desired. My only complaint is...

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    Gasoline price at your local area.

    in General Discussion on 14 May 2007

    $3.72/gallon premium Miami, Florida...

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    Sony PSP or Nintendo DS?

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 May 2007

    DonWii said: The DS, because the PSP is missing an analogue stick.  The more I play my PSP the more I realize that certain games require a second one. There alot of games that do not need such camera control so old school rpgs, 2d fighters, card games, puzzle games and unique games are good on the PSP. The one MAJOR negative is the UMD loading. My favorite feature is the standby...

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