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Forums - Website Topics - Is VGChartz biased?

If you have to ask why Hus and washimul were banned, I fear for your posting future, especially if you follow in their footsteps.

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I think that the forum has a bias towards the sales trends. Atm, that it trending pro-Nintendo and anti-Sony. Like Stephen Colbert once said: "Reality has a well-known liberal bias", the corollary is for us is "Game sales has a well-known Nintendo bias". Imho, biasing towards sales trend is not necessarily bad, because it's just realistic (everybody loves a winner), as long as it's not simply a "herd mentality"

Fact is, Sony has been sitting on their laurels too long and expect people just to pay them because they are Sony. Hopefully, they've realised that this is the wrong attitude and is working to address that.

However, any plan will take months to implement. So Sony faithfuls will have to weather at least months of Sony-bashing before it can get better.  Problem is, Sony is used to coming late to the party but getting the glory because it's the king.  Now that they are dealing with a genuine upstart (xbox), implementing your competitors' playbook is simply not going to cut it.  I've yet to see any real feature innovation coming out of Sony in this gen of consoles

I think seperate PS3 and Xbox forums would be good

This site is very Pro Nintendo anti Sony and anti Microsoft, I once started a thread about the 360 so all xbox fans could come in and talk and I got at least 20 flaming posts and the only good post was from mrstickyball.

Hus Definitely deserved that ban. If anyone were to say otherwise, they clearly don't know the term "Fanboy Defense"

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Is this website biased? That is a loaded question in itself, because anything other than a strict "no" will look as a negative thing. The reality that I see with this website and with people in general is that we want to support a winner. Right now nintendo is winning, whether or not that may be the case in the future, so it comes as no surprise to me that the forums here are very much pro-nintendo at a point of being biased.

The only "problem" is when people state their opinions as if they are the defacto standard and anytime someone thinks differently than them, they digress to name calling. That type of attitude is what gets people banned. Fact: Nintendo is riding a media hype wave as well as posting extraordinary numbers every month for the DS/Wii. If you don't like nintendo, you probably don't like much of the media circling around right now. Fact: The PS3 is not selling as well as Sony wanted it to, and the PR department of Sony has been subpar with controversial ads and commercials. Fact: The 360 is the Worldwide leader, but is slowly losing the lead monthly as the Wii comes up from behind. The 360 has insane software attachment rates, even in Japan, and software sells way better on it than any of the other next-gen consoles (which is probably one reason you don't see 360 users on here, they are too busy gaming). Last gen it was a whole different story. The pendulum has swung in the other direction. If the PS3 was leading, the question would be "Is VgCharts biased toward Sony?"

I think this site is most appealing to industry watchers and wannabe analysts, not necessarily fans of a particular system. It's been a fascinating horse race this generation, lots of surprises and it's producing good stuff and interesting news on a regular basis. It's interesting to see how all of our pet theories about market behavior get played out or proved incorrect as the numbers roll in each week. So while there might be instances of bias apparent in the forums from individual posters and the threads they create, I don't think anyone can say VGChartz is in and of itself biased in favor of any system or manufacturer. The numbers are the numbers -- emotion can't really enter into it, and there are enough independent sources of data to keep the statisticians' models honest.

This site is about numbers, and numbers, no matter how you slice them, cannot be biased. How can they? They're numbers.

The people on the forum however, are.

The reason why Sony fans typically get banned is because their posts are typically pretty inflammatory. Instead of just attacking Nintendo, they attack forum posters and visitors, making them very unpopular.

Another reason the forums are so biased is because nintendo is doing so well! Everybody wants a piece of the bandwagon, and to say they were with Nintendo from the beginning.

If Sony had Wii numbers, I can guarantee 100% that the forums would be biased the other way. 


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The site itself is absolutely not biased.

The community of course is mostly pro-nintendo, but this has several reasons I think.

First, as some already mentioned, the winner usually gets the most support and at the moment it looks like nintendo is the winner. Second, and this one is probably more important, most users with a lot of posts are pro nintendo. I can only think of mrstickball, shane, diomedes and kber81 not to be pro nintendo and having a lot of posts. But, and maybe you don't agree with that, but in my eyes the most respected people with the most resonable posts are pro nintendo. I'm thinking about Erik Aston, Alacrist, HappySquirrel and Sieanr for example. On the other hand, the four pro sony or pro microsoft posters I mentioned before are writing much more aggressive in my opinion, and this gives you the feeling that the anti nintendo guys always have to defend themselves because the forum is biased.

These are just my impressions, though.

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