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Forums - Website Topics - Is VGChartz biased?

Unfortunately, any site that focuses on hard numbers is biased toward Nintendo. A sad truth.

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Yep, I don't get it. There might be mistakes in the numbers, but not systematic bias (I think.) I think Forums are pretty pro Wii. Just unban Kwaad and then the site will look pretty anti Wii

Yeah, bring Kwaad back - he brings some balance to the site

Site is nonbiased. Forum is biased as hell. Lots of "not satisfied no matter what" N-boys.

I dont see how it camn be biased? Lets say you have a picture of Mario on your profile, it doesnt mean you dislike any other system, there is a difference between being Biased and having an opinion. We are all entitled to our opinions, that is what makes something genuine and good. It is all in prefference, "In remembering.....always remember that you have a choice!:

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And a lot of bitter S-boys.

No, i do not think this forum is biased

Any next-gen forum is biased, and VGchartz is the least biased of them.

And for once, i like these global forum changes towards being pro-nintendo, and you know why?
Because I like change.

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kber81 said:
Site is nonbiased. Forum is biased as hell. Lots of "not satisfied no matter what" N-boys.

The fact of nature is people tend to jump to whomever is winning at the time. I was a Nintendo fan in a sea of Sony A**holes not more then two years ago, and that lasted for nearly a decade. It was aweful but I kept "rooting" for the team I liked the most. It's pretty much what you gotta do now sadly I think we'll all get our turn a FEW times though while the people who flop back and forth will just.. well go wherever and attack whomever.

I think Sony and Nintendo fans need to unite and kill Xbox fans! destroy the mennace before it get's too powerful! Then we can worry about eachother.


In all seriousness, no not really biased at all. 


And not enough vocal "xbots" They deserve a voice. They have the best next-gen games! lol

Kber - you have been attacking attacking attacking on this forum over the last day or so. It is posts like yours, that cause friction here.


Of COURSE there are more "N-Boys" here, because, as you can see from the charts, there are simply more "N-Boys". In addition, many of the Sony fans, are disappointed in the price, and/or lack of available software.

 As it stands, i see NO  reason to buy a PS3 in Calendar 2007, $699 plus tax, for a console that has literally NO software scheduled that is interesting "TO ME"

Now, i do have enough Airmiles, to geteither a 360, or a PS3 Free of charge, and of the 2, the 360 looks more appealing (Live).

Despite that, i was in line, on day one, for a wii (not much of a line, the hype started a week later out here), and dropped $700 on in without a qualm.

 In your mind, than makes me a "N-Boy", despite the fact, that i didnt own a Cube, or a 64.

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