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Kber - you have been attacking attacking attacking on this forum over the last day or so. It is posts like yours, that cause friction here.


Of COURSE there are more "N-Boys" here, because, as you can see from the charts, there are simply more "N-Boys". In addition, many of the Sony fans, are disappointed in the price, and/or lack of available software.

 As it stands, i see NO  reason to buy a PS3 in Calendar 2007, $699 plus tax, for a console that has literally NO software scheduled that is interesting "TO ME"

Now, i do have enough Airmiles, to geteither a 360, or a PS3 Free of charge, and of the 2, the 360 looks more appealing (Live).

Despite that, i was in line, on day one, for a wii (not much of a line, the hype started a week later out here), and dropped $700 on in without a qualm.

 In your mind, than makes me a "N-Boy", despite the fact, that i didnt own a Cube, or a 64.

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