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Forums - Movies & TV - would you pay $3,500 for a years worth of movies?

I paid $21 to watch Interstellar in 70mm IMAX, had to drive for an hour too to get there, was totally worth it. Anything else I just watch at home on my projector though.

I did spend almost $1400 on blu-rays last year, average $18.30 per movie.

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Depends on which movies. But yeah, I think watching a movie once every 2 weeks is worth it. And I usually check the reviews of movies before watching them to avoid wasting time and money.


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I agree.

Pro-tip, masturbation is free. No point wasting money on woman, be a prostitute or a wife.

No point dining on fancy restaurants, when you can buy a hotpocket for 2 dollars and waste some cents heating on microwave.

I don't go to movies. I just buy the Bluray when it's out. I'm no where near paying $3,500 a year for that. I don't get everything that comes out.

SvennoJ said:
I did spend almost $1400 on blu-rays last year, average $18.30 per movie.

In the peak year of my DVD-craze (2005) I bought almost 300 DVDs, €10 - €20 apiece ;)

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This is why fewer and fewer people are going to the movies. Too expensive and watching at home is better.

kitler53 said:

no, am i right?!?

this weekend my stupid wife was all like, "let's go see the sponge bob movie with the kid" and i was all like, "bitch please,.. the movie cost $17 per adult and $14 for the kid and the movie is only a hour twenty three minutes long.  you crazy?!".  let's do the math:  17+17+14 is $48 to go to the movie which comes out to $34.70 an hour for me to spend time with my family and like i ever get to see the movie again.  fucking ridiculous, am i right?  and it's not a one time thing, she wants to go out like every fucking weekend.  i'll bet we see like 100 hours of movies a year in the theater.  i'm not paying netflix a whooping $9 bucks a month for nothing.   i tell her,. any family activity that cost more than $0.30 a day is just too much when netflix is so cheap.  maybe we can go to the park or something instead.  i'm just so tired of her fighting me on this issue.

long story short,. daddy bought himself some beer and i let my kid play with the box but now my wife is pissed.  women,.. am i right?

And people complained about the Order 1886, and it gives more content for your buck! :p

Go to movies for epic awesome action movies that are actually enhanced by the theater experience(Guardians of the Galaxy, Jurassic World, The Dark Knight), and Netflix everything else.

EDIT: Eat beforehand and/or after as well, ESPECIALLY on a date. Go for ice cream after and talk about the movie/What would you do. Save money, more time with yo girl or guy.

You'll go 2-3 times a year and it'll be more special, as well as get lots of other movies/tv shows for a low but legal price.

Well, I can't argue it's pretty stupid to spend that much just to go see a movie.

At least you're getting more than 30 minutes worth of content though, which is the average Spongebob video length, so there is value I suppose. 

Captain_Yuri said:
TheGoldenBoy said:

LOL same place. Well Surrey (aka the ghetto of Vancouver) to be exact That's actually pretty close. 

Loll wow! Thats crazy how close we are! Damn!!

Lethbridge, Alberta checking in. I'm about a 2 day journey by moose

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