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Forums - Movies & TV - would you pay $3,500 for a years worth of movies?

I try to only go to a cinema when the experience is worth it. For example, Interstellar in IMAX was worth it. A lot of movies really aren't worth the theater price.

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lolllll I see what you did there xD

buy a subscription for the movies?
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It is interesting how in film the home video aspect has plummeted in price over last 40 years. Younger members (ugh, sound old) may not realize this, but in the 80s VHS of films were $50-$100 and released over a year after it released in cinema. They came down in later 80s to early 90s period to $25-30 range when the practice became much more common. Now six months or so after something comes out at cinemas can get it for $20 on Blu Ray.

On the flip side, the ticket of admission at the cinema has creeped up every single year. Over 40 years it has gone from $2 to $8.30 as national average. If you want to see it in the evening add another few dollars. So, if I take my wife to a see something it costs more than owning it and watching it unlimited times at home. Is it any wonder I don't bother going as much these days? Avengers 2 is likely next one actually spend some money on and that is planned for a big group to see opening weekend.

What kind of theater charges $17 per ticket? Is it an IMAX theater or something? Makes me glad I live near the only non-profit drive-in in the US, where a double feature (2 movies) costs $7 per person.

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Where do you live that you pay that much for tickets?
That's insane!! We spend nearly half that around Portland, OR

Cineworld Card - As many movies as you like for £16 a month. Normal cinema ticket where I live £10. 2 films a month and you are already saving money any more and even better. Can see things hassle free a number of times (will do with Avengers).

Do you not have anything like that in the US?

Hmm, pie.

aLkaLiNE said:
Where do you live that you pay that much for tickets?
That's insane!! We spend nearly half that around Portland, OR

i won't give you my house but this is my theater (at the end of the drive).,-87.632483,3a,75y,3.16h,80.14t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sySVHG4ncyFWoRxuIjF1WXA!2e0


by the way,.. forgot to mention parking isn't free.  i really should have added that cost into my assessment.

$17 just for one adult to watch a movie?!

I never realized that movies cost so much.

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no...I watch like 3-4 movies a year then wait for the rest to pop on HBO/Netflix