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Forums - Movies & TV - would you pay $3,500 for a years worth of movies?

We have an awesome place where I live. They have decent screens. All movies are $5.00 a person. Large popcorn is $3.00. Medium drinks are $1.00 each. They also have about 30 arcade games on one side plus bumper cars and the ticket games on the other side. You get a card at an electronic vendor and charge it with token money. So for a grand total of $42.00 I got 4 tickets to spongebob, 4 drinks, 1 large popcorn and 15 dollars in games. We beat the breaks off the Terminator Salvation arcade game.

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Why don't you tell her you got this awesome new movie called the order and it's only 10$ more but she gets an extra 6 hours of entertainment.

Whenever I go to the cinema with my dad and brothers (Which thankfully isn't too often, only mainly for MCU films and stuff), it costs us £13 per ticket (Cineworld Sheffield if any British people were wondering), which works out at around $20 per ticket in yankee dollars, and then £4 ($6ish) each just for the drinks, nevermind the popcorn... and they wonder why people would rather pirate a film than go and watch it at the cinema?


Edit: Just putting this here... yes I do know this is a reference to the other thread, just wanted to have my say on the absolutely fucking ridiculous cinema prices here in the UK lol.

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