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Forums - Sales Discussion - Amazon US March monthly bestsellers and general amazon based discussion

Teeqoz said:
Conegamer said:

Are you trying to suggest something with this, Teeqoz? 

*readies banhammer*

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Here we go for another 1000+ posts threads.

Final fantasy up to #18 on ps4 now. The hype is real.

Loving these threads. Amazon is certainly popular this generation.


Formerly ilovegirls69  :(

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PS4 at 7 and Xbox One at 10. Good. BTW who is the new mod who removed this?


Edit: NVM. Lol. Its cone.

Thank you, TeeQ!

Hey guys! I was busy last week(college started again) so i'm kind of lost.Is there any reason to PS4 rise to 7# besides legs?

Also Final fantasy type-0 and bloodborne are beasting.

Caved in an also just bought Type-0. The gameplay looks fun and I also want the demo.

So Type-0 and Bloodborne will be my games that last me until Metal Gear Solid drops.

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OnlyForDisplay said:
BraLoD said:
New thread, nice, lets see how things go this month.

Indeed. Interested to see how higher both the PS4 and Xbox One can climb. 

I wanna see if Bloodborne can move some PS4s.