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Aura7541 said:

Tagged. On the software side of things:

Majora's Mask beasting at #9.
- Final Fantasy Type-0 (PS4) is #19. X1 version leagues behind at #325.
- Dragon Ball Xenoverse (PS4) at #26. X1 version is #136.
- Bloodborne Collector's Edition is #50. Regular Bloodborne is #51.
- Kirby & The Rainbow Curse is #57
- The Order (1886) has fallen to #78

DAMN!!! I knew the PS4 version would lead but not like this!!!

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How is possible?


These threads are the new vgchartz! Make your own site Teeq!

be interesting to see what happens to these threads if/when amazons streak is broken

hoggin' all the action, I see...

Funny how the Wii U does better at certain times of the day lately xD. I wonder if you could use that to track sales in regions within the US?

Also, Mario Party 10 looking to break into that top 80.

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Nuvendil said:
Funny how the Wii U does better at certain times of the day lately xD. I wonder if you could use that to track sales in regions within the US?

Also, Mario Party 10 looking to break into that top 80.

#80, my friend.

Also, I'm surprised that Xenoblade Chronicles 3D has stayed in the top 100 this long. It went up for preorder the same day as Majora's Mask and has stayed in the top 100 ever since. And it doesn't release until April, in which makes this hold pretty impressive.

Euphoria14 said:
Caved in an also just bought Type-0. The gameplay looks fun and I also want the demo.

So Type-0 and Bloodborne will be my games that last me until Metal Gear Solid drops.

The real reason you, I and many others want it

No, but seriously Type-0 does look really good.

Looks like all 3 did ok.
PS4 usually is out of TOP 10, now is #7
XBO usually is on TOP 20, now is at #9
Wii U usually is on TOP 80, now is #54

With the way PS4 seems to be able to stay marginally ahead of Xb one in the USA at $50 higher price, when the free extras are more or less comparable (though the extra controller for Xb one is better than a 3rd game). I wonder if Sony might just go with a $50 price cut this year to see what happens.

I have no doubt MS has realised Xb one needs to be $50 cheaper than PS4 in order to stay competitive and have a chance at pulling ahead of PS4 in the USA, which means MS is prepared to race Sony to the bottom on price. I don't think Sony feels like having to compete with a $250 Xb one until at least late in 2016. And if Sony drops PS4 to $299 this year that is exactly where MS will go. Even if Sony can afford to go to $299, going to only $349 allows Sony to put a great deal of value into bundles, and it means Sony can go to $299 for Black Friday and Cyber Monday (as long as they can supply the market.

And speaking of supplying the market, at $299 Sony may not be able to meet demand, especially if that pricing adjustment is applied globally. All will be revealed, IMO, in April when Sony gives FY 2015/16 shipment projections. If they are predicting substantial YoY growth then a $100 price cut is likely. If the growth is expected to be modest, or flat, then we will be seeing a $50 price cut.

The Order at 76 more than 24 hours after being de-bundled is pretty good. I was expecting the game to be out of the top 100 before the end of February, though that was before it got bundled. It has hit 10 days in the top 100 and it looks like it might spend a day or 2 longer up there.

2 Bloodborne skus in the 40s. This is looking like having a pretty decent launch. I hope it can do >150K week 1 in the USA, which will put it on par with the Dark Souls games. I hope it has Dark Souls 1-like legs as DS2 fell off quite quickly. I don'k people should have excessive expectations on this. These games will never have mass appeal, they are too hard core, and aren't pew pew enough for the masses.

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