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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Why Nintendo still doesn't have a trophy/achievement system to their games in 2015?


Predict When Ninty will bring trophies:

2016-2017, after their next consoles arrive. 60 22.73%
2025, better late. 17 6.44%
Nevah! 101 38.26%
Idc for this BS. (dont lie to yourself) 86 32.58%

This is just impossible in plain 2015 to not have a system that records your amazing deeds while playing games. Something that in 2015 is just unbelievable that Nintendo still hasn't introduced nothing of the kind except for some gimmicky attempt  with unlockables in games itself (like many 3rd party have been doing in their games as well, but still having trophies). What's the excuse that is keeping Nintendo from bringing this simple but glorious to see app to their consoles? Do you also wish they could bring this feature? IMO their consoles would gain more appeal as their games.

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Cause I dont think most gamers on the wiiU care and also, they do have something like it, its called stamps


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Because they don't want to.

Nintendo probably doesn't care at all.

I think there's a chance they have them in their next systems.

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Captain_Yuri said:

Cause I dont think most gamers on the wiiU care and also, they do have something like it, its called stamps

^This. And they're pretty awesome when posting on Miiverse. I ask people all the time how they get certain stamps. 

an achievement system would sell more games on their console bringing in more money. the only people who think it would be a bad idea are those who personally don't like achievements. the reality is it's just another missing feature that the other consoles have putting nintendo behind.

wouldnt call it the glorious be all and end all though lol

...because it costs money

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Because they think people should be able to know by themselves when they accomplished something great instead of needing some pop-up telling them so. Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to be the case.

But seriously? Achievements are completely pointless.

Hope in that in the Wii D Ninty will make the trophy...

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