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What's your favorite colour?

Red 34 17.00%
Orange 9 4.50%
Yellow 7 3.50%
Green 23 11.50%
Blue 62 31.00%
Purple 15 7.50%
Pink 2 1.00%
White 8 4.00%
Black 32 16.00%
Other 8 4.00%

they don't have anything interesting at the moment

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Because my lack of money and because the PS4 and X1 still don't have enough interesting games for me to consider a purchase. Hopefully both of those "problems" will disappear soon!

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PS4 -
Really no games already released or in the near future that I cant live without. Plus Sony was a little too eager to jump to paid online model. Also waiting for the inevitable cheaper Slim version.

Any Xbox -
Ive always seen them as a PS2/PS3/PS4 clone with far less exclusives to offer. Although at this moment in time I am more inclined to buy an Xbone over a PS4. Also they started the online pay model which is forever burned into history, curse them!

Vita -
Realistically I saw it (and the 3DS) dead on arrival but whereas the 3DS worked hard to make new and exciting games the Vita has done very little in all areas of appealing to me. Essentially its price point is far too much for what it offers.

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I don't own an xbone because of RROD. I found the way they handeled that absolutely horrible and it turned me off MS-consoles for a very long time

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I have gone from PS1 -> PS2 -> PS3 -> PS4. PS and Xbox have always been too similar in their offerings to justify getting both of them, so it has come down to the exclusives. I prefer PS exclusives.
Nintendo has never been on my radar, because I don't find their games appealing. I like long, mature games with a story arc and plot development rather than quick fun, so Nintendo games are not for me. I'd miss out on all the big third party AAA titles, too.

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Nintendo games generally don't interest me. But Bayo 2 and XCX makes Wii U tempting. Though I still doubt I'll get it.

If Xbox was a brand owned by anyone other than Microsoft (or Apple) I might consider it. But as I try to avoid giving MS any money if I don't have to Xbox is simply off the table, forever. Though I could consider buying a used console and used games. But as things stand there's really no 360 game that's worth doing even that. And Xb one is a long way from presenting any value for me even buying all things used.

And basically enforcing a pretty strict policy of only owning one console per generation it pretty much leaves Playstation. Well I guess I could consider Ouya, and if it survives through to the 9th gen perhaps I will.

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Wii U - Gamepad

Xbox One - Not going to spend another £350ish to play 90% of the same games as my PS4. Microsoft's first party doesn't interest me and a lot of them end up on PC for me to play if I want to. (COME ON KILLER INSTINCT)

PS4(PS5 Soon)and PC gaming

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Versus_Evil said:
Ps4 - Waiting on a redesign before I buy another one, console is far to loud Imo. But I'm a big souls fan and bloodbourne looks awesome so will I be able to resist.

Really? Mine is pretty much silent. So quiet I've never noticed it. Why do you think it's too loud?

OT: I've owned almost every console in every generation. Yes, I'm that old and that into games.

This gen, the only console I've not bought so far is the One. I'm sure I'll get one at some point, but, as it stands, it doesn't have enough exclusives to drag me in, and as all the multiplats are generally better on the PS4, there is no pressing reason to buy the console for general gaming. Further, I was not happy with the direction Microsoft took the One at launch -- concentration on TV, Kinect, less power, high price, online requirements, and more -- so that initially put me off the machine. Fortuately, much, if not all, of that has been resolved.

-Ack!- said:

2. Nintendo's vision

I am guessing you don't mean that the way I'd see Nintendo's vision; as in: "Responsible support for a suffering console, with respectful DLC when its it even there, and a belief there is no reason either to charge extra for online or for games to not work day one."

Which raises the question how do you mean it? I know they have alot of issues but many of them aren't so much 'vision' as 'unintentional miscalculations'...


I don't have a Vita because I only need one handheld,

I don't have an Xbox because... honestly I am not sure, was gonna say 'because the PS4 interests me more' but...

I don't have a PS4 because I didn't see a reason to rush to having more than Nintendo and Steam available to since Nintendo rarely changes prices (outside of some rare and usually overly sudden but overly badass eShop sales) and Steam discounts insanely generously... - this may however be the reason I don't have an Xbox now...

I own every home and handheld console in gen 7 and 8 except for the Microsoft ones and the DS.

The DS never interested me that much because of crappy graphics.

The Xboxes offer mostly the same as my main consoles, which was the PS3 and now the PS4, but their exclusives are less interesting than those of Playstation. I might get an Xbox One some day though.

Oh and my favorite color is purple.

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