hope you feel better soon and that you manage to play games again. just be glad you are well and that your GF is well too. also, you should be proud of what you did. pretty darn heroic!

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That looks really painful! I hope you get better soon.

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Aww man, that sucks, I hope you get well soon. At the very least you can still play PC games =/

That really sucks. :(

Hope you recover fully and that your life goes back to normal - and that you can game again!

well damn


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Awful. Sorry this happened to you, dude. But keep a positive attitude and you will be gaming and fapping again before you know it.

Holy shit! I'm really sorry that happened to you! But, you never know about these things; your thumb could turn out just fine, it has happened many times before (twice in my family).

Glad you and your girlfriend managed to get out of it alive, I know how it feels to be at knifepoint.

Sorry that happened to you Lord, hope for a speedy recovery.

You have my sympathy for now, LordLichtenstein ...

Please please please try not to post that kind of gore on the site without at least a warning. I feel bad for you, and I wish you the best, but I hate shit like that. It makes me sick, like when people post road kill on Facebook. Seriously, real gore like that shouldn't even... Ugh...

Well, this is new.