Damn, man.. Hopefully you'll recover as soon as possible!

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I hope and pray that you heal. In all seriousness, there are some really robust mobile games that are fun. Gaming isn't completely over. That is to say that your hand doesn't heal which we don't wish to happen. What kind of event were you at?

I thought this thread was locked, (since i couldnt answer last time) anyway i hope you recover soon and lets hope it isnt as bad as the doctor is telling you, and you can get back to gaming as soon as you can.

I just hate the type of cowardly scum that do this type of thing! Anyway really hope you get better and that gaming will never be over for you.

toot1231 said:

I'd spend my whole life hunting those fuckers down and slaying them pistol pete style.

I wouldn't want to devote my life to their pain.  Personally, I'm more imporant than that.

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Gaming will never be over for you; you can always try Kinect. I wish you a safe and speedy recovery.

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