WTF man, I'm so sorry!
Hope you get better soon, and don't give up on playing!
But is the fucker who did this still around?

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yeesh, how about a fucking warning in the thread title.

sucks about your thumb. Doctors are not always right about nerve damage though, they are probably just playing it safe.

wow that's horrible :(

I hope you will recover from that and I hope the attacker(s) get(s) caught and punished

That sucks.
Maybe once your wound heals, you'll gain at least limited mobility and be able to play games on easy mode. Say goodbye to competitive games though.

Do you know why they attacked you though? There had to be at least some reason.(Money? Enemies of yours? Piss someone off at VgChartz?)

I'm really sorry to hear about this but don't resign yourself to the idea you'll never be able to play games again. That road leads to an inevitable conclusion.


The PS5 Exists. 

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I feel sorry for you.

On another note, you might want to put a warning in the title. Some people are sensitive about these things.

Really sorry to hear that man. Was pretty heroic of you and wish you a good recovery man.  There is some real assholes in this world sometimes

Play with flightstick and keyboard instead of gamepad

Sorry to hear this! I bid you a speedy recovery of as much use of your hand as possible.

I picked up the 360 controller I keep near my PC and did a few tests of a "right thumb free" control scheme. It's somewhat awkward, but if you place your middle finger and ring finger over the bumper and trigger, you can press the face buttons using the first KNUCKLE of your index finger, and it's possible to both push and click the right stick using your fingertip. A similar strategy works for the PS4 controller, where moving the right stick is easier due to the smaller size of the controller, though clicking it is a little tougher.

Real sorry to hear about that, but glad it wasn't any worse. May you have a speedy and complete recovery!