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Skyward Sword - the fact that you fight some bosses a lot of times.

Bayonetta 2 - The story.

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I'd prefer if I could think of an actual feature I hate about a game I love, but at the moment all I can think of is that I hate the fact that Pikmin 3 has no level editor. Pikmin 2 was able to randomize dungeons for cripes sakes, and now we've got the gamepad and everything. It would be the simplest thing in the world to let us carve out a tunnel and plop down some fruits and some baddies. I love Pikmin so damn much but there's only so much content I can run through again and again, so the lack of something like this in this day and age is infuriating.

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I love Halo franchise, but *stresses* pffffft

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I love Ratchet and Clank, and this is a very tiny thing, but I get annoyed by that when I get in the ship, I usually jump towards the ship and press triangle in the air. When I press triangle it triggers a "cutscene" where Ratchet jumps from the ground and into the ship. I just wish it would be more fluent so that when I jump and press triangle, it'll continue MY jump and land in the ship, instead of triggering the cutscene.

The QTEs in Resi 4 and the lasers in Quickman's stage in Mega Man 2 are some of the things that come to mind!

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I love Wipeout HD, but damn I hate always starting from the last place and those elite AIs are total assholes, it's always 1v7 on the track.

Final Fantasy XIV: ARR. The story has more padding than a pillow factory.

Jaina Proudmoore sucks! wanted to kill her so badly... ohh and the end is crap too... arthas easyly cutting illidan,, thats bullshit

PenguinZ said:

Mass Effect - Mako

Mass Effect 3 - RGB (Red, Green, or Blue) 

Skyrim - The lackluster dragons... Srsly. 

I used to hate the Mako. Then I experienced the Hammerhead. Now I love the Mako.

Agreed on Mass Effect 3. Also, the way they put important things like Javik and the Leviathans behind a DLC paywall really pisses me off. It really didn't help that I beat the game before Leviathan came out. The ending is a lot more palatable when you at least understand where Star Kid came from (even if it's still pretty crummy).

Troll_Whisperer said:

What the title says.

For me, I love GTA V. I don't like that I can't change miles to km without changing the language, it's really stupid and very simple to implement.

Yup, that annoyed me too. I guess they are just biased and like miles more... For some reason.