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I adore Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, but the graphics give the impression that Retro's heart wasn't in it.

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Last of Us, FPS drops.

I'm talking about PS3 version ofc.

Pokemon - Why the fuck isn't there the ability to have a second save . . .

In Persona 4 i hate how the social links have no impact on the story itself with the exception of the 2 added of golden.

Xenoblade Chronicles - A good chunk of the sidequests boils down to defeating a certain amount and type of enemy, or collecting a certain amount of a collectible, which is a little annoying.

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Oblivion was one of my favorite games when it was launched and I put hundreds of hours into it. But two things drove me crazy: the floaty combat and the instability. I mean goodness that game would slow down and crash if you pushed it just a little bit too hard. Oh and the character models...actually that's a problem with every single Bethesda Game Studios game pre-Skyrim, where it got better.

Skyrim improved on most of what Oblivion had and for me was actually far more stable and I didn't have too many bugs that were worse than annoyances. But one thing it didn't fix that it very easily could have was that all the cities are still freaking instanced resulting in unnecessary load screens. Thankfully the mod community fixed that quickly. Combat still isn't anything special, but I don't hate it as it's not why I play the game anyway.

I really dislike the fact they have to end

Mass Effect - Mako

Mass Effect 3 - RGB (Red, Green, or Blue) 

Skyrim - The lackluster dragons... Srsly. 

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Every game ever(almost)-having the check point before the cutscene. So when you die you have to relive that video over and over if you die, unless it has a skip option.

Xenoblade Chronicles-I hate that when trading items, you have to do it one at a time. When you need 5 of an item, you should only have to talk to the NPC once to trade for those 5 items.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword-The Imprisoned, which is basically a timed boss fight-3 TIMES. And the Silent Realm trials, which are forced stealth sections that also have a time limit of sorts. They're kind of fun and exhilarating, but they prevent me from wanting to replay SS because I'm not always in the mood for that kind of "stress."

Pokemon-Shouldn't the PC Boxes just be accessible from your Pokedex by now? Like cloud storage or something?

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time-Literally about the ONLY thing...not being able to resume from anywhere. I understand the limitations in the original, but in the 3DS version I feel like the game should be able to remember where you saved and just keep you there.

Pokemon Yellow-Not being able to evolve Pikachu, nor catch ANY other Pikachu, when Raichu is my favorite Pokemon.

Kid Icarus: Uprising-That the controls, while extremely accurate, responsive, and fun to master, require me to use the included stand to play in order to avoid very real hand pain.

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