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Forums - Sony Discussion - Sony announces 18.5 million PlayStation 4 consoles sold WW

Stolen from GAF:

Taken from Shane Bettenhausen's Twitter post a few minutes ago.

Google translation of first paragraph:

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCE) to sell "PlayStation 4" (PS4 ™), the New Year's holiday shopping season of 2014 ※ 1 in 410 million units ※ 2 to achieve a more real sales, 2015 1 worldwide total actual sales volume is 18.5 million units in the month the 4th time ※ 3 was exceeded. Continue, has continued to spread expansion in history "PlayStation" hardware fastest ever.

Also, 10.9 million Plus accounts:

In addition, masterpiece game on PSN℠ that can be enjoyed on the number and time of without limitation free or "free play", that can be network play and cooperation play in other players and PS4 ™ "online multiplayer", etc., subscriber only features the number of subscribers and benefits membership services "PlayStation Plus" available (PS Plus) has exceeded the total 10.9 million at January 2, 2015.

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Ka-pi96 said:
Dammit Badir!

I need da points Kapi, be understanding!

Noicee! Congrats to Playstation 4! Too bad it wasn't 20 million though, great numbers none the less


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as of 2. Januar?

Wow so ps4 was overtracked here

VGChartz has gone from heavily undertracking PS4 to heavily overtracking PS4

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Overtracked here, but still those are outstanding numbers. Will breeze by 20 Million by March.


So what date are we talking about?

I guess we will hear more about this at the CES keynote?

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The hell? Pretty weird that it sold that little during the holidays.

The One and Only

I was just about to post this, but yeah we're overtracking it then. Doesn't make the numbers any less amazing though.

Going to post early and put a warning in pre-emptively for everyone to keep on-topic and to avoid personal insults. Hopefully it won't come to that however.


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

vivster said:
So what date are we talking about?

I guess we will hear more about this at the CES keynote?

Looks like as of January 4th.