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What they want, but will not pay for.

Ie: If someone asked them what they wanted as a gift. They would say PS4. But with their own money they would just go buy a 3DS.

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wishlist function is for poor people who wish they could have stuff lol. I have never used it. Don't see the point of wishing for something I cannot afford.



EricFabian said:
what is that thing at 10?

Cordlesss vaccum cleaner.

Also at #15 is an air purifier/humidifier.

Conclusion: Japanese have OCD

The youkai watch watch is kind of cute.

I'm just surprised the X1 is on the radar.

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vivster said:

I don't think it's that easy. All those NEETs and Hikkikomoris will stay forever dependent on what their parents will buy for them. And there is still that old Japanese saying: "You get handheld or you get nothing"

Poor vivster, he despises something a whole country adores.

Carl is a Piplup hater and deserves to be punished eternally.

ktay95 said:
PS4 > 3DS makes sense. More likely adults who would have Amazon accounts so more likely to trend towards adult wants. Not only that but 3DS has kind of peaked in Japan, thats why we have the New 3DS to continue to push sales.
3DS will still sell better though obviously.

As it should. The 3DS is a handheld. Handhelds and consoles sell to two different demographs. One is mostly for children, the other is for both childrend and adults. One is ultra cheap, the other is expensive. One is portable, the other is not. 

When handhelds are outsold by consoles, something is terribly wrong. It would be like Lexus outselling Toyota.

Mystro-Sama said:
I'm just surprised the X1 is on the radar.

So how many people actually buy on Amazon Japan?

I wouldn't put too much trust into that list!

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tbone51 said:

#1 PS4
#2 3DS
#6 Wii U
#8 PS Vita
#14 Xbox One
#17 PS3

Reality in sales 2015
3DS>>>>>>>>>>PS4>Vita>>>>WiiU>PS3>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>X1>Wii/PSP/DS :0