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Guys, can we just relax and lay off the condescending sly digs at each other in this thread? I understand this thread is a sensitive subject but there's no reason for them.

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One more reason for me to get an X1. Multi-console owning gods FTW!

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Burek said:

I missed this comment that you quoted me in before but i did mention it is a very debatable topic.  I dont believe either side can say with 100% certainty they are correct.  I wont bet against it, or for it.  I get both sides of the argument, im just saying typically published games dont go to opposing platforms without working around the contract, but in reality we dont know what the contract is either.  So who knows what is going to happen.  I just knows its going to be on Xbox/PC.  Thats all any of us know with 100% certainty.

Well they gotta fight U4 with something, Tomb Raider is their only card to counter that lol

RoTR is limited time exclusive with a possibility of being on ps4. Revealed with shit ton of spins by the company that is spinning everything this gen. We also have several examples of exclusives announcements turning mult. Ryse dev already said they are waiting ps4 fans request the game to justify the investiment. So quite the big possibility of coming to Ps4. Ms never shot down the possibility they were more confirming it will release. Sony didn't cry over it.

Sony reveal really clearly the exclusivity forever. There is the possibility of other editions. Sony haven't spin their PR for a long time and Said at TLG they will always be clear. Also said timed would be said "first on ps", when exclusive is Said they mean it. No examples of exclusives announced turning multi. No sense in Sony announcement including variations of a game not released, also including DLC and changing the name don't change the game. It's more pub trick for dev to say the game is new and improved (it got released because time expired not because of name). Sony certainly included all variations of sf v and we just don't know if the clause for variations is "ok", "never", "after sometime" or "for this much money". Small possibility of releasing on X1 but Sony didn't destroyed possibility yet. MS goes there to cry to the public.

So anyone who can't see the difference is quite blind or reaching. And MS PR got back for some childish behaviour with Aaron and Hyrb. Spencer were better but sounded a little sour.

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Gamz said:
It aint going to PS4 now.

With Uncharted 4, I doubt they will care much.

riderz13371 said:
zero129 said:
I really have to laugh at how this thread turned out.

MS Fans: ROTR is published by MS.

Sony Fans: Still gonna come to PS4 baby!!

MS Fans: Same way Super street fighter 5 is coming to x1?

Sony Fans: No dude thats impossible.

MS Fans: But its not impossible for ROTR to go to PS4 when its published by MS?

Sony Fans: Yeah dude, Sony said "SF5" is Console Exclusive. Plus MS published Mass Effect and thats on PS3.

MS Fans: Exactly Sony said "SF5" Nothing about "SSF5" or any other version.

Sony Fans: Yay looking at my copy of Mass Effect eat that MS Published game!!

MS Fans: Mass Effect is a different case then ROTR, Since Bioware was brought by EA after the deal with MS and EA had to port ME1 to the ME2 engine to get it running on the PS3 and most likely also had to "Buy" back or come to some type of deal with MS to allow that to happen. But hey If Sony fans dont mind waiting for SE to get taking over by another company and wait about 5 years for ROTR then sure it might come to PS4..


MS Fans: hmmmkay.

Anyway i dont know why Sony fans can so easy accept that an MS published game can come to PS4 (And use such a bad case of Mass Effect to try prove their point, when if anything that just makes it worse) but an edition of SF5 can never go to X1. So unless Sony Co Developes every other version of SF5 IF you expect TR2 to come to PS4 then you should expect the same of SF5 otherwise you really are just using double standards.

How is it double standards when one company has said the game will only be coming to their console and the other has yet to confirm if it's exclusive or not, not to mention it's already confirmed the TR deal has a duration?

Yes Sony has said Street Fighter 5 will be exclusive to their console but when has the ever been just one version of a mainline street fighter game?

So by your way of reasoning if another edition of SF5 was "Not" going to go to an MS console wouldnt Sony of said so,? wouldnt they of said "SF5 plus all future editions will be exclusive to PS4"??.

Like i said if you believe TR is going to go to PS4 cos of such reasoning its only fair you should think the same of "some" edition of SF5 going to x1 or else thats using a double standard..

We already knew this since the beginning.

Vasto said:
Tomb Raider is the game everybody wants.

No. I didn't even played the first one, even if i got it for free.

D-Joe said:
Blood_Tears said:



Another bad example

Actually, wrong example

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    That was changed after the PS3 release. Microsoft published the original game, the box art has it, if you played the game at all you would have seen it in the credits as well. Any article online from that time will also tell you this.


    Next time do some research...

    Sounds good. Saves SE some money on the marketing that they can put directly back in to the game. Will mean a better Tomb Raider in the long run.

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