Forums - Sales Discussion - what cosole are u buying GTA IV on?


I think METAL GEAR SOLID4: GUNS OF THE PATRIOTS is the most hyped game of 2008. I WANT IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

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360...Although it's not a high priority game for me really...A lot of game stores here in Sydney have had posters and pre order display cases up since the start of the year and I keep seeing stories in print media(non gaming) so it's getting a fair amount of exposure...
I'm sure the kneejerk press/political backlash will generate millions worth of free publicity...something i'm pretty sure R* are banking on:)

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PS3 for sure.

I`ll be getting it for my 360 as I don`t own a PS3 yet. The extra downloadable content isn`t important to me but I`ll probably get it if it turns out to be worth the money.

gtaIV is coming out? wow! ps3 where else? time to buy one now!! what? its also available on the 360? really? no way!!

this is probably what the reaction of majority of the casual crowd would be coz they probably played a gta game on a sony game console. and yes, casuals far outweigh the number of hardcore gamers and fanboys combined.

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360!!! DLC & MS points(sorry, it's like crack)!!!


Will a PSP version of GTA 4 be released?

Quite surprising how many people are not fussed over the 360 DLC and the number buying it for the PS3....

But then again many may be in a similar boat to me who casually play GTA and just do not have the time to finish the game?