Forums - Sales Discussion - what cosole are u buying GTA IV on?

GTA 4 could be another Call of Duty4 and sell over 10 million combined on PS3 and XBox 360. I will get when its second hand sometime in 2009 when the PS3 is cheaper. I am waiting for GT 5 and Final Fantasy XIII to be released.

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Given I have a PS3... the PS3... except I probably won't be buying it in the first place as I've never really taken to the GTA games. If the reviews are amazing I might consider giving it a go though.

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If I even buy it it would be on ps3. Glad to see a lot of people on here arn't buying into the whole DLC ploy.

PS3. Although, I am tempted to wait for any news on a PC version.

Omac said:
360 is the best way to go... so 360. I love how all the PS3 always whine about RRoD. Grow up Microsoft is taking care of it.


Yes and no...MS doesn't pay me anything to wait on getting a refurbished/repaired unit back.  Having to wait to play a game you've bought is a real bitch.  Especially when it's just due to shoddy hardware. 

I've had two 360's RRoD...If it happens again, I'll sell it for good--I'm forgiving, but third times a charm.  The second one happened two days after I bought Gears of War--needless to say, I was pissed--all my friends playing gears, me stroking my ham.  Do you think getting a free repair makes up for having to wait a couple weeks to play a game I've bought and have really been looking forward to?  No...repairs aren't "taking care of it" well enough.  If MS wants to take care of it and earn my trust with multiplatform games, they need to make sure all repairs and refurbished units being sent out are redesigned without all the hardware flaws (which they still aren't doing--lol, I have buddy that sent in a falcon unit for repair, but got one back that wasn't!).  Until then, I'll continue to try to extend the life of my 360 by only buying exclusive games on it, and buying multiplatform games on my ps3.  Sorry if you don't like that.

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I'll be picking it up for the PS3.

I am buying it for the PS3 .

Sherlock99 said:
neither not a fan of gta.
The same.


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Rock_on_2008 said:
GTA 4 is the most hyped game of 2008.


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Man you guys are dumb, I'm picking this up for my Dreamcast.

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