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PS4 or Xbox One

PS4 FTW!! 308 62.47%
Xbox One All the Way! 126 25.56%
I am a fanboy and wont state my opinion 27 5.48%

PLEASE! Help me in this dilemma.

Ok I thought it is better to first tell u a little about myself.

I grew up mostly with a gameboy+playstation, until Gen 7. I used to play MMOs more than you can imagine and have a really sweet spot for RPGs. I get bored really quickly from the unimaginative games coming out every year. Those shooters :( Last generation I had a PSP, which I didnt like at all, an Xbox 360 and a Wii.

Favorite Xbox 360 games: Halo,especially Halo 4,that heartbreaking ending :'(, Gears of War 3, Bayonetta and Alan Wake.

Favorite Wii games:XENOBLADE CHRONICLES <3, Skyward Sword, Mario Galaxy 1/2, SMASH BROS,Twilight princess and Metroid Prime.

The first thing I did this Gen was get a 3DS cuz it had a lot of great games like Fire Emblem,Kid Icarus and of course Pokemon.

About 1.5 years ago I thought a lot about skipping the WiiU and get an Xbox One or PS4, but the WiiU simply had Xenoblade Chronicles X, Bayonetta 2, Smash Bros and Zelda U, so I couldnt miss those games.

I am going to Singapore and Malaysia for my senior trip and I am thinking about picking up an Xbox One or PS4, so which one should I pick ?

It is worth noting that I am a huge Uncharted, played 2 of them at my cousin's house, and a Halo fan.

The Xbox One exclusives are more interesting, but all my friends own a PS4 not an Xbox, so should I just follow them?

What games can you recommend for me? Dont like Assassin's Creed, sorry just my opinion.

Been thinking about the GTA V, Dragon Age Inquisition and Destiny. The Last of Us for PS4, already played Infamous SS, or Halo MCC, Sunset Overdrive and Dead rising 3 on Xbox one.


I dont want biased opinions please, just an honest opinion.


EDIT: I cant get any Black Friday deals cuz I am getting it from Singapore in January. I cant get both cuz I wont be able to get games for all 3 consoles + 3ds.


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If you are only getting one I think PS4 would be better for you. For starters you said that's what your friends have, so not only could you play with them you could also borrow their games and stuff.

You also say you like RPGs (such as Xenoblade) and MMOs. I expect the PS4 to get a fair few of those that the Xbox One won't, it already has some MMOs such as FF14 and soon Planetside as well.

Even if it hasn't got the best selection of games yet, give it a year or two and PS4 should easily be the best choice. Greatness awaits...

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Ratchet & Clank, No Man's Sky, Bloodborne, Rime, UC 4, Disgaea 5, Persona 5, Wild etc. And that's only the exclusives it'll get next year.

I think it has the best line-up of all the consoles next year, but I'm sure plenty disagree.

Actually XOne... but by 2015 PS4. imho.

You've come to the right place my friend. Nowhere else will you find untainted and unbiased opinions on which console is better than on this very forum.

I say you're a bit in a pickle if you like both exclusives. Is there a reason to not get both?

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Xbox is better, but get a PS4 if that's what your friends have.

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PS4. All better looking multiplats and shiny exclusives. You wont be disappointed.

Look, what games you want that are only on one of the two. For me personally:

PS4: Bloodborne
X1: Sunset Overdrive, Halo MCC

Your wishlist may look different, but that is what you should decide upon.

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ManusJustus said:
Xbox is better, but get a PS4 if that's what your friends have.

I would def agree and say get the console your friends already have. Share games and play with them.

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