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PS4 or Xbox One

PS4 FTW!! 308 62.47%
Xbox One All the Way! 126 25.56%
I am a fanboy and wont state my opinion 27 5.48%


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I have got neither XBone nor PS4.

If you like XBone exclusives more, then simply get an XBone.
Why buying an PS4 just because your friends have one? Unless you are playing mainly multiplayer games and wanna play with your friends, XBones seems to be better for you, as "The Xbox One exclusives are more interesting" for you.

Exclusive games should be the reason for a specific console.
Games which are right now available to buy should be reason to buy a specific console - not games which still will be released.

If you are talking about upcoming exclusives being more interesting on XBOX.....that only really applies to 2014. In 2015 the PS4 will have a tonne more in pretty much every category of game.

My suggestion is PS4 - more potential, games (pretty much all) look better on it according to DF, and also if you are into mutiplayer games with friends you'll need it as thats what your mates have.

Always go with the console your friends are getting. A lot more fun with multiplayer games that away.

Sigs are dumb. And so are you!

Xbox One has the better/ more exclusives, more useful features like snap, multiple media playback and dedicated apps and hubs for games right now and its online service is actually worth paying for but everyone knows this. Ultimately it depends on what games you like, me personally I cant wait for Gears of War collection.

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I say PS4, your friends own it and you said you like RPGs. I am surprised you said you didn't like the PSP though with the information you gave.

kupomogli said:
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Outside of the exclusives that Sony and Microsoft are pushing, the PS4 is going to get more exclusives from third party Japanese developers than Microsoft has.  In TGS there's already been exclusive announcements like Persona 5, Disgaea 5(garbage,) Dragon Quest Heroes(more garbage,) Earth Defense Force, Yakuza Zero, etc, etc, etc, that's either exclusive to PS4 or cross platform between PS3/PS4 or PSVita/PS4.

I hope you actually have played Disgaea to call it garbage, because it actually provides more content that 3~5 games together, every time =)

It depends. If you play online with friends a lot then PS4, if you just prefer to do your own thing with games then Xbox One would be the better choice as it has the games you like.

If you wanna be trendy and like to be cool on the net while having an argument get a ps4. If you want to get a console for the games released at least so far get an xbox one.

Thing is i really hope you care about noone's opinion but your own. Not even your friends. My friends tend to make the mistakes based on other friends and so on. Its like picking the wrong components for your rig simply cause someone told you what he owns that made no sense for your setup.

I can only tell you my criteria. Gamer... right? Care about controller, games ( obviously ), services and the investment i make since they are not cheap pieces of hardware. Based on those alone all pointed to the xbox. Triple A exclusives... well only console out of the two thats had any is the one you keep reading about. No doubt there. Controller is yes, even better than the 360's on the One but it felt like maturating with a mildly numb hand at first. Srsly. Investment.. Well MS is top notch when it comes to software. They were born that way. The console is already a whole different kind of beast than the one I purchased.

You have to decide on the things that matter to you. You might have other priorities. Maybe gamesharing on ps4 ( which all significant games will keep blocking it for obvious reasons.. ) is your main concern. Or any other ps4 only features. I think of each piece of hardware I get as an investment. My choice worked out. The way I see it if i chose a ps4 a year ago and all i had to show on my console was knack, KZ and InFamous for the whole year while others played Sunset, MCC, Horizon etc just the past couple of months alone Id either also purchase the other console too or just wish I hadnt done it. I guess thats the issue when you cant get all consoles.

Personally ill also be getting a ps4 in a couple of years or so when there are a few exclusives worth paying for a whole console all over again that it will be much cheaper. Got my ps3 with the uncharted 2 release and the rest of its exclusives. Right now im more interested tetting a WiiU with Bayonetta 2 and Fatal Frame

Definitely the PS4. I've been seriously disappointed in the XBO as a piece of hardware, and the main reason I bought one, the Master Chief Collection, barely works. The PS4 has a better controller and a better UI. The online is just as good. I vastly preferred the 360 last generation, but this go around Sony gets my vote of confidence.