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Wii U 2

Or, Wii U: The Sequel

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teigaga said:
Seece said:


Nintendo Super Fusion Wii!

But I like Super Fusion on its own.

Nintendo Super Fusion sounds like a real thing but does it not sound gimmicky to you?

I don't think Nintendo care about that though. I like it!


Fusion - home console (NOT hybrid.)
Never Sphere
Nintendo Blade
Nintendo Now

Gosh.........naming things is incredibly hard. Hopefully they get a team of 50 people thinking of a name that won't confuse people and is CATCHY and AWESOME.

teigaga said:
jonathanalis said:
Nintendo Zephir

I'm english and cannot pronounce that... Good luck to the Japanese :p

Is like ''Zafire''?

The Japanese would be fine, they would pronounce it ゼファー (Zefā).

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The Nintendo Parachute.

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Mario Box or to attract more women gamers, "Peach's Box"

Nintendo 4K



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