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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Eurogamer: Mario Kart 8 "best looking console game of the year"

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In it's 9/10 review for the newly released Mario Kart 8 DLC, Eurogamer makes a bold proclamation: 

"It's that detail that made Mario Kart 8 sing earlier this year - from small animations like the Luigi death stare that became a viral phenomenon to subtler, more meaningful changes like the introduction of new boost mechanics that always kept the player engaged. It's that detail, too, that meant while others were preoccupied with the new generation arms race, Nintendo quietly produced the best-looking console game of the year. That detail is all present and correct in the new tracks and riders, making for some great little flourishes."

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the dragon course looks amazing

It is a very nice looking game in motion, but it is not close to being the best console game in terms of graphics this year.

I agree. It's also the best looking Wii U game I have.
I haven't got the DLC , yet, but those courses look fantastic too.

It's ironic how the least powerful console has the most beautiful game of this year, at 60fps. (which is vital in racing games imho.)

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How ironic XD

I can't agree, Mario Kart Wii U is better.

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Yep i agree, it stands out from all of the big titles that released this year.

I especially love those bubles/watery effect when you go in inside and outside the water. Especially in that candy stage.

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Post it on Vivster's wall for epic trolling purposes.

Its the best looking game Ive played so far this year...