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Forums - Sales Discussion - Canadians Love the Ouya


Link amiibo >>> Tropical Freeze >>> Titanfall

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Only in Canada.


Maybe government mandated like free healthcare.

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I blame the canadian devil

I know half a dozen people with them, they all use them for XBMC, why they would purchase them for that I have no idea as there are far better options to make cheap small media center boxes.

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I'm Canadian and I still think it sucks

Yep! Whenever i go to Amazon, it is always in the top 10 if not top 20. Ouyaaaaa baby.

Well, we give to those who need ;)


The Ouya is a very interesting system. I was given it as a prank gift and had incredibly low expectations, and I have actually enjoyed it. it fills in a very specific and unique niche: local multi-player indie games. This niche is so small that it seems it would not be worth a purchase, but it has provided hours of entertainment for me and my friends. Specific games that are great include Towerfall, Duck Game, and Hidden in Plain Sight. all of these are genius multiplayer games that deserve the opportunity for other people to play them. other fun games include Age of Zombies, Broforce, Bee Game (hilarious edutainment game where you experience the toil of bees, includes real-time weather effects and amazing soundtrack), no breaks valet, and others. I don't see how a couple of indie multiplayer titles and a couple of "suprisingly good for ouya" games could sell it in canada though...

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