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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Why do companies make demakes?

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Bethsaeda actually made Fallout 3 as an old JRPG.

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ktay95 said:
Pfft CoD on Wii aint a demake. Demakes are games like Souls, a Dark Souls demake for the ZX Spectrem. Shit like that

Holy is that cool! Thanks for mentioning. :)

(watch the vid, the beginning is the best part lol. I have epilepsy now)

KylieDog said:
XanderXT said:

I heard that they actually made Resident Evil game for the GameBoy.

You can find it online to download and play.

Just played it and ugh, it has terrible graphics. I didn't even know how to pull out a weapon at first!

XanderXT said:

Just played it and ugh, it has terrible graphics. I didn't even know how to pull out a weapon at first!

What did you expect?? Its the GBC for crying out loud =P

jonathanalis said:
Define demake.

A game that is ported to a much weaker system, with a lot of removed features or lowered graphics.

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b/c you (and everyone else) buy them


Mr Puggsly said:

During that period CoD games were selling pretty well on Wii. So there was extra profit on Wii ports.

Also, bringing it to Wii potentially brought new fans to the series.

They were selling good on Wii  untill they abandoned the userbase.  COD3 sold pretty good on Wii  almost identical to the 360 version even tho the 360 was out 1 year earlier.

Then ModernWarfare came. The most important game in the whole franchise that made it famous  and this one skipped Wii for a full year. The hype and all of the word of mouth made all the COD players move on to other systems or stop playing and since then COD sales on Wii are meh and not good anymore.

Activision fucked up  and them skipping the Wii with some games since then does not help at all.

I thought demakes were games like Final Fantasy VII for the NES... :/

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Wait, am I the only one who didn't know a demake was an actual term? O_o

Theres a difference between a "demake" and a "downport"...

A demake is when you take something, and remake it in a simpler style. Generally these are fan projects such as Super Smash Land (Smash Bros demake for Gameboy), Halo 2600 (Halo for the Atari 2600), NES Styled Mega Man 7/8, Bit of War (NES God of War) etc...

A downport is a port to a weaker console, and if you think about it, many console games are downports from the PC version. It is just a matter to moving the game to another console and adjusting the graphical fidelity (and various other things). The reason this is done is obvious.

PS: What is wrong with CoD on Wii? I had a ton of fun with World at War... IR Pointer is amazing for FPS games.