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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Minecraft coming to Wii U?

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Nope, and I'm not bothred by that at all.

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jlmurph2 said:

Because those versions aren't retail.

Funny, I hadn't even considered a retail release. I just assumed it would be eShop exclusive.

Anyway, that doesn't answer my other question about why they somehow thought they couldn't afford to publish a 3DS version on their own.

Long-term I would expect Minecraft to move more toward exclusivity on MS platforms.

I don t think Mojang was the problem getting Minecraft on Wii U- Minecraft is on many platforms so it does not seem they had a problem working with a diverse lineup of platforms and company s -

I would bet money the hold up was on Nintendo s side as it is with most 3rd party developers and publishers

Yeah I think so.


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It sounds strange, but I think the chance is a little higher now (still not really high).

MS didn't buy Mojang to push Xbox hardware sales, they want to sell as many copies of the game as possible and prepare for a future without dedicated gaming hardware. And it may become a paid service. Notch talked about a mod marketplace in 2011: Imagine they could sell officially licensed Nintendo mods exclusively on Wii U...

And I think that they will hire lots of new developers, such a massive investment with the same tiny staff wouldn't make sense. They would have the resources to bring it to every possible platform.

No idea but Microsoft's aim is to get as many people as possible to play Minecraft. That will not only increase the fanbase so that they can also sell more and more merchandise but also increase the potential customers of a Minecraft 2 which could be Windows and Xbox exclusive.

They could release it on 3DS but hard to tell with Wii U.

Doubt it.

They won't release on 3DS, they won't release on Wii U, they won't release on any platform whose release hasn't been at the cards at this point, period.

I simply don't see Microsoft saying it's worth the effort, to be honest.



Nah, the only reason it's still supported on Playstation is because of contracts. Microsoft didn't pay $2.5 billion to own Minecraft so they could share it with everyone. Once the sequel comes out, it'll be Xbox exclusive, and the original will lose support. So no point in releasing it for new systems.