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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Xbox One by itself and Destiny more Popular than its PS4 Counterparts

Ok Toastboy, try and understand this:

People that want an Xbox One with Destiny are going with: The Kinectless Xbox + a single copy of Destiny

You can literally see this if you go on the Amazon page of Destiny. Meaning Destiny is pushing X1s as well.

People that want a PS4 with Destiny are going with either a single copy of the game and the normal PS4, if they for whatever reason don't want the white PS4 or they go with the White PS4 bundle.

Do you see where your whole trail of thought falls apart? X1 is pushed by Destiny and PS4 is pushed by Destiny, the difference is that the PS4 sales are split up between 2 very successful SKUs, take away one of those and all the people will go towards the other.

You can't just take out the white PS4 and act as if the people buying it wouldn't buy a PS4 if it didn't exist.

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When did we stop making clubbing seal jokes? Did I miss a memo?


Watch the sales plummet starting today, lol. Oooh it's gonna be fun.

That's cute.

So, just completely disregarded the Destiny PS4 SKU?


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VanceIX said:
So, just completely disregarded the Destiny PS4 SKU?


The white on white background makes it invisible, like a sneaky Ninja.

I don't know if he's trolling or being serious, either way I laughed.

but not sure if it will affect Hardware sales that much

Sure homie

I've missed threads like this.

As for your question: No. Its hourly, plus the Destiny Bundle SKU(6) is right behind Destiny XB1 (5)
While Xb1 is (13)
449 bundle > 399 console.
This is what we call the bundle effect.

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