Forums - Gaming Discussion - What does it seem that most Destiny Haters are XB1 and WiiU Devotees?

Are there? I have seen very few, if any, that hate on it. I am an X1 owner and am interested in it since playing the Beta. The thing is, it will be compared to Halo because of its creators. But I don't see any hate.

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it looks and plays okay, but its clearly better than watchdogs. its just not complex enough.

I'm mostly a Ninty/MS fan, but that has nothing to do with me not caring that much about Destiny.. I simply think the game looks OK at best..

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I have a Wii U and I don't hate Destiny

bigjon said:

Any guesses?

Well, the Wii U seems easy, its a big game not on Wii U.

XB1 at 1st does not make sense, its on the XB1... ya PS4 gets some minor stuff but nothing that will make XB1 version seem 2nd rate. or... Maybe its the fact they are afraid it if executed like many feel it will be; itwill essential make the one killer app they have in Halo an afterthought? I guess it would be kinda the same way for Sony fans if say, EA or Activision decided to make a driving Sim that is equal or better to Gran Tourismo in every way, I could see sony fans trying to dismissing and build up GT as untouchable....

Just a thought.


Again the key word is Destiny "haters" its fine if you just are not interested in it or are waiting on the final version to make a conclusion about the game. It just seems a little odd to me that certain groups attack the game based on some percieved flaw from the Beta (Vehicles OP!!!, No story-!!!like they are going to reveal the story in a beta...)

Probably the same reason you make false assumptions and generalize everyone; because you have no idea what you are taling about, so this is what you believe.

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bigjon said:
Vasto said:
So if you say there are some things about the game that you don't like then you are a hater.

nope, going out of your way to make sure everyone knows what about you dont like might though.


Its inevitable that people are going to compare two games made by the same company.  Adding to that Bungie put a lot of similarities in halo and destiny.

While yes it seems most people will say Halo > Destiny because of multiplayer and story is stronger those same people for the most part are saying Destiny is good and that they do indeed like it.   

Persecution complex ;)

You're going to see what you want to see OP

Haven't seen many. Although I'd assume for Xbox One fans it is because they are looking forward to Halo MCC much more and they are kind of similar. For Wii U owners, it probably wouldn't sell that well on Wii U anyway so there is no reason for any Wii U exclusive owners to like it. For Wii U owners that do like Destiny they probably already have another console or were planning on getting one to play other 3rd party games anyway.

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Same thread could be asserted for "Why does it seem that most Titanfall/Bayonetta 2 haters are PS-Wii U/Xbox-PS fans. That's what happens when you make generalizations.

I've seen a lot of people critiquing it on its Multiplayer components, but the majority I've seen are enjoying it.

And wtf.............. I did not just read Destiny will kill Halo. No comment on that.

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Why does it seem most Destiny overhypers are PS4 devotees?

Anyway, i don't reckon that to be completely true.

Would u want wiiu owners, known for not being so into fps as other platform owners, to be praising Destiny as much?

Besides wiiu owners have a lot more coming in the next few months.