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Forums - Gaming Discussion - So the 3DS has a better chance of hitting 100 milli then the PS4.

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fatslob-:O said:
You will stop this eventually though, right ?

When all other users stop making PS4 vs. 3DS Threads.

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I have come to the conclusion that Kaizar more obsessed with the PS4 than most PS4 fans is. Outside of the movie threads almost ALL the ones I have seen him make are about the 3DS selling more than the PS4 and even the ones he comments in are about the 3DS selling more than the PS4....does the PS4 threaten you or something? And why have we all fallen to comparing a home console and a handheld anyway? I mean it is fine and all we are on a sales forum after all but seriously I thought it was normal that Handhelds and home consoles focused on different groups.

Anyway it is odd that there is even comparison to be made between the top selling home console and is about double in price of the current gen top selling handheld. That lone to me anyway speaks volumes about the current sales of the PS4 which doesn't even have a year under it's belt nor does it have as deep a library as the 3DS.....

The absence of evidence is NOT the evidence of absence...

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aDomingo said:
NO console will hit 100 million this generation

Why can't you go into denial like all us other users on VGchartz. (LOL)


(all us users on VGChartz): at least one them will hit 100 million, you'll see, YOU ALL WILL SEE *sobs in sadness* (LOL)

Dr.Henry_Killinger said:
Nah I think The Drill's thread is better, its changed lives.
Nice try though.

My Thread would have been the best if it wasn't for those kids, and their damn dog. (LOL)

Well, at least I did this Thread first.

There, I said it. (LOL)

Honestly, both have a chance to get to 100 million sold. I just don't think it will happen based what I see now.


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Devil_Survivor said:
Honestly, both have a chance to get to 100 million sold. I just think it will happen based what I see now.

There's a better chance neither hits 100 million actually. 

ikki5 said:
i doubt 3DS will hit 100 mil, No console this gen will hit 100 mil.

Damn you realist, with you realism. *shakes fist with rage* (LOL)

painmaster212 said:
The PS4 atm has nothing to push consoles and is still selling around 100k+ weekly, give it a chance to actually get some legit games before casting judgement on it. Sony's consoles have always had great longevity and with a 10 year life cycle i'm sure it will get to the 100 million mark or at least close to it.

I forgot about the 10 years.

So which do you think will hit 100 million first, then?

Kaizar said:

Besides a batch of new IPs.

King of Pirates will definitely be an ace up their sleeve. It's a trilogy, and it will have at least as much marketing & branding & advertising as Skylander's, but as a 3DS exclusive and a global release, which should add at least several million new 3DS owners all on its own.

What in the hell is King of Pirates ? Why are you betting on some game from an obscure japanese publisher to push SEVERAL MILLION new 3DS owners ? 

Smash Bros. Four 3DS will add several million more.

Why don't we wait on that and see how it ends up ... 

Pokémon 7th Gen will definitely sell 3DS SKUs.

How much though ? The majority of the pokemon gamers already have a 3DS because of X and Y so how much more people will buy a 3DS ?

YuGiOh 3D will defintiely sell at least several million more.

Yu-Gi-Oh ? LOL I think your forgetting that the highest selling Yu-Gi-Oh game was on the PS2. Yu-Gi-Oh was NEVER popular as a game franchise to begin with and it sure as hell ain't popular today so what makes you think this new game will pull in SEVERAL MILLION more owners ? 

Out of all the new IPs I haven't mention specifically in this reply yet, some of them will be killer apps, but their all X factors, so it's the waiting game for them.

Fantasy Life should sell a lot of 3DS systems, and maybe become a killer app.

Fantasy Life ? Give it a rest man ... What chance does an anime styled game have at the western audience today ? 

I guess there are too many variables to say either which way about the 3DS right now, no matter who we are.

Plus there are definitely people holding out on buying a 3DS for 1 reason or another, and with all the games coming out in the West in Q4 2014 & 2015 & 2016, plus price cuts, I can see the 3DS doing 100 million by 2018.

But I don't know what the Japanese will get for the 3DS in 2016, if anything.


Too many variables for anyone too say, plus Nintendo only mentions games coming out within the next 6 to 12 months on the 3DS & Wi U, so that doesn't help nail any predictions down.

There are too many secrets with future software of Nintendo Systems. At least PlayStation & Xbox let's you know things like 2 years in advance,

Dude, all of this is wishful thinking ...

Soundwave said:
Devil_Survivor said:
Honestly, both have a chance to get to 100 million sold. I just think it will happen based what I see now.

There's a better chance neither hits 100 million actually. 

I agree with you, I left out a word in my first post :P.