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Forums - Gaming Discussion - So the 3DS has a better chance of hitting 100 million then the PS4.

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The actual fuck?
Thread should be locked imo, but I'm not a mod.

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Let's not forget that one of the consoles is based around the best invention since penicillin, glorious 3D. That shit will shift 200 million consoles alone.

Yep, will be luck to hit 50M.

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so the 3ds outsold ps4 for one week.... for a few thousand and people already built an assumption about the final numbers that the product will have in it's lifetime... interesting...


MDMAlliance said:

Kaizar... really?

Pretty much.

This thread just assumes way too much (PS4 peaked? The 3DS is outselling it "every week?") to have any basis for credible discussion. We're jumping to conclusions after a single week of sales data? Well alrighty then...

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