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Forums - Gaming Discussion - So the 3DS has a better chance of hitting 100 million then the PS4.

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A handheld with pretty much all its system sellers on the market barely outselling a home console which is a lot more expensive and barely has big games.
Oh and this is news to me, consoles peaking at 6-7 months of having come out...

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The PS4 won't hit 100m. Consoles are dying. By this time next year, it'll be doing like what the other consoles are.

What a useless thread..

"The PS4 has already peaked with less then 1 year on the market"

That statement contradicts itself

Sales of PS4 are fairly disappointing lets be honest for a sec.
But it will undoubtely pass the 3DS at some point. I think Nintendo will kill 3DS fairly soon.when its around 60 mil sold. So it will end close to 70m.
Early to guess PS4 numbers but it dont see it breaking 100 mil honestly. That would require a loooong life for it and i think Sony will move on earlier than that.

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TheGoldenBoy said:
There is not much wrong with the OP . . .

Fixed :P

Classic Kaizar thread!
You just expect these quality threads from some users!

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How Ps4 sale is disappointed it sold doing better then Ps3 ,when 3rd party will stop cross-gen games it will start doing better.

Ps4 will do 100 millions easily

PS4 - over 100 millions let's say 120m
Xbox One - 70m
Wii U - 25m

Vita - 15m if it will not get Final Fantasy Kingdoms Heart and Monster Hunter 20m otherwise
3DS - 80m

tbone51 said:
TheGoldenBoy said:
There is not much wrong with the OP . . .

Fixed :P

You don't actually believe that the 3DS has any shot in hell at hitting 100m do you?

And I see you still have no idea what "peaked" means Kaizar. How old are you again?

Sigs are dumb. And so are you!

Kaizar said:

(June 14, 2K14)










The PS4 has already peaked with less then 1 year on the market, and the system sellers won't come out til during 2015, like Uncharted 4 for example. The 3DS is outselling the PS4 every week after 3 years on the market.

So what do you make of the current predicament?

Comparing handheld sales and console sales is like comparing motorcycle sales and car sales. Totally and utterly pointless.